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Amen - clarification

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Wed Nov 10 07:27:13 EST 1999


>Subject: Amen
>From: kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ  (ken collins)
>Date: Tue, 09 November 1999 08:49 AM EST
>Message-id: <19991109084952.01755.00002727 at ng-bj1.aol.com>
>well... it's 'time' to see if it'll 'fly'.


>but, as a prelude to the hunger strike, i Willed all my posessions... my
>notesbooks, computers, etc., to the Vatican. that's turned out for the best,
>because it'll keep what i'm going to do, now, Balanced.

i realized, after taking care of the 'loose-end' in another thread, and
logging-off, that i've been remiss with respect to the above.

i'm a trying-to-be-devout-but-most-often-failing Roman Catholic. in my practice
of my Faith, i just confess my sins, attend Mass, and pray a lot.

my practicing of my Faith is a fairly-private thing, after Mass, i just return
home. i'm just a 'parishioner' (quotes because, since i've had to move so many
times, and never know when it'll be the case that i'll have to move still yet
again, i've never registered with any parish).

when i willed my stuff to the Vatican, i didn't seek 'permission', and never
even considered seeking permission. i've no idea what, if anything, will
transpire, and haven't asked about such, and will not. it could be the case
that, when the time comes, the Church will just, gently (because that's the way
the Church is), say, no thanks, and the stuff will end up in a dumpster.

why all of this?

it's become increasingly-apparent to me that, without any information with
respect to such, some folks've 'associated' what i've done with the Roman
Catholic Church.

there exists no rationale for such because everything i've done, i've done on
my own.

yes, my early training in Christianity was through Chatachism classes, and i do
see that, without these, and the readings at Mass, i might not have ever made
the connection that i've declared.

but i've never sought counsel from the Church, or =anyone= else, with respect
to any facet of the work i've done.

i received my Education, went to college, and began the work on my own, without
seeking anyone's counsel with respect to such.

it's the way i am. i see my Resposibility with respect to this or that, and
just endeavor to fulfill my Responsibility.

with respect to =all= others, my =only= Responsibility has been to do the work,
and make it available to folks so that folks have the opportunity to exercise
their own Free Wills.

don't misinterpret the fact that i've willed my possessions to the Vatican...
i've no 'connection' to the Vatican, other than the fact that i'm a practicing
Roman Catholic.

don't misinterpret anything else, either. i work to Guard Free Will. if you
look back through any of my posts, you'll see that, although, from time to
time, i've =had= to circumvent this or that 'activity' that was aimed at
blocking, or steering, the coming-forward of the understanding. the =only= way
i care with respect to such is that it manipulates' the Free Wills of
Innocents, because it either attempts to withhold the understanding from them,
or attempts to transform it into something that it is not, both of which are
=totally= unacceptable with respect to folks' Free Wills... which is serious
stuff that gets my attention, and with respect to which i'm Obligated to take

it's probably the case that i've Loved everyone who has, in anyway, become
aware of the understanding, better than they've ever been Loved... simply
because i Guard Free Will, both by working to provide the understanding, and by
making sure i 'stand-back' and allow folks to Choose.

it hurts, some, that i've to get into explaining all of this, but i realized,
this morning, that to Guard the Free Will of the Church, i had to disabuse
folks of their unfounded presumptions with respect to "me and the Church and
the plot that's unfolding"... THERE IS =NONE=.

i'm a simple 'parishioner', for all i know, other than that, the Church doesn't
know anything. i've worked, on behalf of the Church, in the same way i've
worked on behalf of =everyone= else, to  Guard Free Will.

i did give a copy of AoK to a Priest once. as i tried to briefly explain, he
took me aside and asked me if i'd considered the possibility that i was
'possessed' :-)

i'd wanted to discuss the matter because NDT discusses Free Will (AoK, Ap7),
and it was in my heart to want to communicate such to the Church.

judging from his reaction, for all i know, the Priest probably burned the
manuscript :-)

folks should understand by now, at least, that i care very-much about any
'difficulties' that folks experience because i've worked to bring NDT's
understanding forward.

yes, i circumvent 'circumvention', but i've always worked to do so in the
minimal possible way, so that folks could be free to make up their own minds...
to Choose for themselves.

i Guard Free Will.

kindly, do the same with respect to =all= others. disabuse yourselves of all
the wild speculation to which you've been subjected with respect to 'what this
man is doing'.

what i'm doing is what i've =told= you i'm doing. i'd =never= transgress your
Free Wills by 'conspiring' to deceive you, in =any= way.

i Chose to endure the Solitude that i have, in-fact, endured, rather than do
any of the wild-specualtion stuff that the 'rumors' attribute to me. i've
worked to Protect everyone that i've ever asked anything of, as i've asked
folks, in this NG, to do the work that the understanding necessitates. i've
even worked to Protect the would-be 'circumventors' whose
efforts-at-'circumvention' i was Obligated to Circumvent.

the Solitude has been Terrible, but it's been in my Obligation to folks, and i
Accepted it.

kindly, don't redouble such by doing Jackass things that derive solely in your
own 'imaginings'.

if 'you' haven't heard it from me, it has no foundation in reality (although, i
have shared different aspects with different folks, on a need to know basis
(for instance, i had to give access to Journalists with respect to all of my
Failings... so Journalists would not be blind-sided while fulfilling their
Professional Obligations).

there is nothing 'hidden', so don't 'surmise' with respect to =Innocents=.

with respect to me, i don't care. if you 'need' to, do-it-up in any way that
you choose.

step over the line with respect to =Innocents=, and i'll take care of that real

get it straight. i've worked =Alone=, beyond my 'normal' Education, my only
'colleagues' have been textbooks,  the written reports of Scientists, a
relatively-few conferences, and folks who've participated in this, and other,
online 'places'.

there's =nothing= 'hidden'.

please, get this straight.

ken (K. P. Collins)

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