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Thu Nov 11 03:19:26 EST 1999

Thursay, 11 November, 1999

Happy 77th Birthday to Kurt Vonnegut, author of _Catch 22_.

_Wisdom_ 7:22-8:5:

In Wisdom is a spirit intelligent, holy, unique, manifold, subtle, agile,
clear, unstrained, certain, not baneful, loving the good, keen, unhampered,
beneficent, kindly, firm, secure, tranquil, all-powerful, all-seeing, and
pervading all spirits, though they be intelligent, pure, and very subtle.

For Wisdom is mobile beyond all motion, and she penetrates and pervades all
things by reason of her purity.

For she is an aura of the might of God and a pure effusion of the glory of the
almighty; therefore nought that is sullied enters into her.

For she is the refulgence of eternal light, the spotless mirror of the power of
God, the image of his goodness.

And she, who is one, can do all things, and renews everything while herself
perduring; and passing into holy souls from age to age, she produces friends of
God and prophets.

For there is nought God loves, be it not one who dwells with Wisdom.

For she is fairer than the sun and surpasses every constellation of the stars.

Compared to light, she takes precedence; for that, indeed, night supplants, but
wickedness prevails not over Wisdom.

Indeed, she reaches from end to end mightily and governs all things well."

Happy 114th Birthday to General George Patton, who had to fight World War II,
despite the Fact that the Great Evil of War was recognized on this day, 81
years ago, with the ending of World War I, and seemingly-affirmed on this, the
75th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Palace of the Legion of Honor, and on
every Veterans Day, since the first such Remembering.

Happy 78th Birthday to Fyodor Dostoyevsky, author of _Crime and Punishment_.

I Retract my offer to Place my work, referred to as "Neuroscientific Duality
Theory" and "Tapered Harmony" into the Public Domain.

I hereby offer, Pending Formal Acceptance by the Party involved, Assign all
Rights pertaining to my Inventions, First Practices, First Definitions, First
Recognitions, discussed under the names, "Neuroscientific Duality Theory" and
"Tapered Harmony", which Rights are Guaranteed to me as a Citizen of The United
States of America, in the Constitution of The United States of America, to the
Office of Science at the Vatican, on the Condition that the Understanding
encompassed by "Neuroscientific Duality Theory" and "Tapered Harmony" will be
Communicated to those who Suffer be-cause their 'fellow' Human Beings "will not
lift a finger [to lift them up out of their Savagely-Burdened Existences]", and
Freely-shared with all people, everywhere, especially with those who, through
the Mercilessly-savage Dictates of the 'Beast' Abstract Ignorance, have not yet
gained the understanding of Truth.

i Choose to do this because it's the case that, all things considered, one
thing is clear... "religion", "science", "government", and "journalism", under
the burdens of Fear and Doubt, have Chosen to 'move away from' Truth, while,
although the Roman Catholic Church has not yet explicitly Acknowledged Truth in
this smaller matter, she has Fearlessly and Unceasingly, Acknowledged Truth,
and despite her many failures, has never failed to do so, in an unbroken chain,
despite the Costs inherent in so Doing, since Jesus Taught the Same Stuff to
the Apostles.

it's my Sincere Hope that folks in Religion, Science, Government, and
Journalism, throughout the world, will 'move toward' Truth with the same
Fearlessness, and that, through this Oneness, Humanity shall be Lifted-Up, in
the Love it finds within itself... which was put there, Inalienably, by God,
the Evolutionary Engineer... to the 'place' where Humanity Belongs.

Alone, or Joyously-Together with folks of Good Will, this is where i've Stood,
where i Stand, and where i Will-Stand.

as Jesus said, "The Son of Man in his day will be like the lightning that
flashes from one end of the sky to the other. First, however, he must suffer
much and be rejected by the present age."

it's my Hope that the Suffering of God-within-us...  the Suffering of
God-within-all-people-everywhere... is an an End.

K. P. Collins

>Subject: Amen
>From: kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ  (ken collins)
>Date: Tue, 09 November 1999 08:49 AM EST
>Message-id: <19991109084952.01755.00002727 at ng-bj1.aol.com>
>well... it's 'time' to see if it'll 'fly'.
>first, a story.
>this summer, after i lost my employment, i started a hunger strike... i think
>i posted a msg about it a while back. it only lasted a few days because "they"

>were there. the poor fellow who got the assignment! it was really hot for New
>England... 102-103 degrees F. yet, here was this fellow, hangin' out 'with
>me' in front of the Chicopee City Hall. i did the ol' 'zig-zag' thing... i'd 
>'zig', he'd 'zig'. i'd 'zag', he'd zag... once, rather 'desperately', because
>double-'zigged', and he was, obviously, 'concerned' about 'having lost me'.
>anyway, it's why i didn't continue the hunger strike. when 'they' are there,
>you know whatever it is you're doing is for not.
>but, as a prelude to the hunger strike, i Willed all my posessions... my
>notesbooks, computers, etc., to the Vatican. that's turned out for the best,
>because it'll keep what i'm going to do, now, Balanced.
>I, hereby, place all of the work i've done, referred to as "Neuroscientific
>Duality Theory" and "Tapered Harmony", into the Public Domain.
>it's my sincere hope that folks'll use what's in-it to "make the world a
>better place for its Children". there's tons and tons more to both theories
>i've been able to discuss. if there's a small group of interested
>(NDT), or Physicists (TH), i'd like to funnel further stuff (which will also
>go into the Public Domain) through them. if not, then, perhaps i'll be back 
>online to 'whine' some more.


>...you know, as Jesus said,  "What you have received as a gift, give as a
>anyway, give your Children a hug for me. ken (K. P. Collins)

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