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if i organize a Symposium

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 11 09:27:49 EST 1999

i'll gladly go where ever there's anyone who wants to hear about NDT. the
only problem is i'm in debt, and, except for Unemployment Compensation (that
i'd have to terminate if i were not available, and looking for work),
without an income, and i don't do Science for 'profit'... so, there's a bit
of a sticky-wicket in getting over-there, or anywhere.

i've always expected that, 'by-now', the work i'd done would allow me to
find a 'home, and 'normal' Rsearcher's compensation.

it hasn't.

it's a Sorrow that, if one does not 'compromise' with respect to Truth, in
order to 'fit-into' the 'rules' of the so-called 'market', one is, for all
intents and purposes, tacitly declared to be 'unfit', and 'ostracized',
along with Truth that one will not forsake.

but, if there's a way, that Honors Truth, i'll gladly go, and discuss for as
long as it's possible.

the only other thing is that i'm not 'fancy'. any presentation that i'd give
would be 'home-made', at least superficially... kind of an anachronism in
these days in which the thing to do has become to 'put a pretty-face' on
nothing, and 'celebrate' such.

where i stand is just the opposite of that.

anyway, it's why i just offer, and wait, hoping that there'll be some who
will want to see, regardless, of the non-'glitz' of it all.


daan wrote:

> Hmm sounds good. Depends on where it's held and you're probably from the
> states, so I'd have to be there already (am a European).
> Daan
> ken collins schreef:
> >
> > >Subject: Re: if i organize a Symposium
> > >From: daan daanBACHvdb at wins.uva.nl
> > >Date: Wed, 10 November 1999 05:32 PM EST
> > >Message-id: <3829F27C.4D8F0A65 at wins.uva.nl>
> > >
> > >
> > >Sorry, what's NDT precisely?
> > >
> > >Neural... Dendrite.... Treeformation?
> >
> > "Neuroscientific Duality Theory".
> >
> > K. P. Collins
> >
> > >[...]
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