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100 Most Important Science Books

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 12 07:23:45 EST 1999

kenneth Collins wrote:

> the problem has been that folks view everything through the lenses of their own,
> individually-unique, experience.
> this results in there being only cursory 'understanding' of this-or-that which
> is done in-depth, devotedly, by dedicated experimentalists, theorists, and
> researchers.
> it's a sorrow, not because this-or-that, done by dedicated folks is 'demeaned'
> by folks who give it short-shrift, but because, when such happens, the True
> worth in the work is tossed on the garbage heap, and the whole of Humanity's
> progress into the Light, is forsaken.
> it's a 'difficult' problem, because dedicated work requires the dedication, and
> individuals cannot recreate such because they've, each, only one life.
> i just wish the 'attitude' could change from one of 'being afraid' of what's
> merely-unfamiliar, to an understanding that what's merely-unfamiliar is
> Treasure-stuff... and that the work of dedicated folks would just be allowed
> existence by virtue of its having been accomplished at such great-cost.
> from the inside-looking-out, it's all-hillarious stuff, to witness folks who
> treat dedicated work as if it's a 'sound-bite' on the evening news, and then
> 'think' that they've 'sufficient' rationale for making decisions with respect to
> the work.
> doesn't compute, and yet, the non-computing-stuff Dictates that "which shall
> be".
> ...at the Cost of Humanity's Failing to become that which it, clearly, can
> become.
> and yet, folks 'wring their hads' with respect to the "impossibilities" inherent
> in so-called "human nature".
> if it weren't so exceedingly-Tragic, it'd be hilarious.

the paramount example of this sort of thing has been, of course, the 'rift' that's
'existed' between Religion and Science. folks in each group, cloistered away from
one another, and, be-cause of that, coming to be familiar with different stuff, each
seeing that with which they're most-familiar, and seeing only a tiny bit of what the
other group has, through dedicated study, come to see in rich detail.

add to this mix, a purturbing event... the "church's" Persecution of Gallileo, whose
work turned out to be Verifiably Correct.

and, in the resulting, volatile mix, a wedge was hammered into place between
Religion and Science.

but when one examines all of this in a dedicated fashion, one sees, clearly, that
that which was superficially 'resolved' has remained, in-fact, totally-unresolved,
because it wasn't the Church, and it wasn't Religion that Persecuted Gallileo. it
was 'mere' Human stuff that Persecuted Gallileo... 'mere' prejudice toward that
which, within the realm of experience, had, unfortunately, become familiar.

it's 'curious', that such had not been acknowledged within the Context of Science,
because, afterall, the History of Science is all one thing after another, being
believed to be 'correct', only to be replaced by the next thing that better-explains
physical reality.

so the 'wedge' that was driven between Religion and Science is a 'curious' wedge;
one that allows 'graceful-failure' on one side, but not on the other side.

of course, this 'curious' nature of the 'wedge' was fostered by dynamics on both
sides of what was to become the Religion/Science 'division'. folks in "religion" got
hammered because, in their cloistered world at the 'time' of Gallileo's Persecution,
there'd been left no room for growth in understanding.

this didn't happen because of anything that was in anything Jesus Taught. it
resulted, solely, from the fact that the folks involved had gotten themselves
cloistered, and experiencing only their familiar stuff, which included the notion
that it didn't matter that God went through all the trouble to create nervous
systems that are inherently designed to wonder, think, learn, create, and i dare
say, to Love one's neighbors.

but when one looks at the curious wedge that was driven between Religion and
Science, one sees, clearly, that folks in "science", being similarly cloistered
within their own circles, did an unthinking thing, themselves, in condemning folks
who acknowledge God in a way that, itself, denies the Realities of the History of
Science, with its inherent one-thing-overturning-the-old-thing, over and over again,

and, when all of this is held in mind, and studied in a dedicated fashion, one thing
becomes perfectly clear.

both Religion and Science do the very-same thing... Seek Truth, in a knowledge that
Truth is Valuable.

=But= both "religion" and "science" have, in fact, 'substituted' prejudice toward
that which becomes merely-familiar, through experience, for Truth.

for centuries, the rift that's existed between 'religion' and 'science', with all of
its inherent Tragedy, has been underpinned by nothing more than blind TD

and exactly the Same-Stuff is True with respect to the analogous rifts that exists
among the various Religions of the world.

Truth Is. there is only =One= Truth.

yet, individuals and groups, emersed within their own cloistered experiential
realities, value that which has become merely-familiar through experience within the
subsets of experience in which they exist, and devalue anything that's been left

and look at the Consequences of all of this... Savage Mass-Slaughter, enduring
Poverty, Mass-Starvation, and Continuous-Treachery, in which folks, merely
experiencing the TD E/I(up) that accompanies =all= encounters with that which is
relatively-unfamiliar, seek to 'gain advantage' over folks who are 'guilty' of
nothing more than having experienced 'differently'.

"science" can invoke nothing that can distinguish itself from this mixture of
rivalrous prejudice. indeed, the main impetus of "science" has been,
indestinguishably the Same-Stuff, only in a way that's sought Truth in order to
dominate via threat of over-arching Violence... 'nuclear' weapons, nerve gas (can
you believe that the nervous system could've created =nerve= gas?), conventional
weaponry, ammassed by megaton after megaton; all with only one thing in-'mind': the
ability to 'control' the hopes and dreams that arise within the 'hearts' of those
unlike self; of those whose experience is merely-unfamiliar, including, especially,
any who'd behave in a way that's so-unfamiliar to 'science' as to Acknowledge God.

you see why it's all so 'curious'?

everyone involved has been doing only one thing: behaving in ways that are
rigorously correlated to their nervous systems' striving, blindly, and
automatically, to seek TD E/I-minimization.

yet, everyone had been proclaiming themselves 'righteous'/'correct'... when it was
all 'just' blind, automated TD E/I-minimization.

at last, Science has resolved this one thing.

what does the result have to say with respect to Religion?

does the understanding of how the Savagery derives within the biology relegate
Religion to the 'garbage-heap'?no.


because, as Abraham Lincoln said, "'A house divided cannot stand.' Christ and reason
say the same. and [you] will find it's so."

it cannot be that Science 'dismisses' all that's so easily-seen, and in light of
current Neuroscience, so glaringly-obvious, in the Teaching of Jesus. to do so is to
destroy Science; to proclaim Science to be non-existent. Science doesn't ignore

what 'data'? The Data attested to by folks who'd seen it with their own eyes, and
who accepted death rather than deny seeing The Data.

folks in =both= Science and Religion need to explore outside of their too-cloistered
experiential-realities, to learn the good-stuff that dedicated folks, on both
'sides', have come to understand so well.

although i cannnot speak with respect to Religions other than Christianity, it's my
Sincere-Hope that folks who can will do so.

but i can speak with respect to Science, and what i have to say is that the abject
rejection of God that's been a tacit, but awesomely-enforced, requirement for doing
"science" is something that Science must lift itself out-of... because it's the
Same-Stuff that's ravaged Humanity since the beginning; the Same-Stuff that happened
to Gallileo.

do you get-it?

if a 'rationale' is  invoked to 'resolve' both one thing and its converse, the
'rationale' denies itself.

so, dig-in, study, recognize that what you've experienced as the 'repulsiveness' of
Acknowledging God derives solely in the fact of your incomplete experience.

why bother?

unless Science comes to terms with this one thing, the whole of Humanity's progress
into the Light, is forsaken...

...and Abstract Ignorance wins.

K. P. Collins


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