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100 Most Important Science Books

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 13 09:23:45 EST 1999

for those who don't get-it, please consider the fact that, if it were not for Jesus, the
outcome of the work i've done would've been very-different.

there are 'governments', 'corporations' and other groups that, even now, owe their continued
existence =solely= to the fact of Jesus.


for my part, i remain completely in Awe of the Amazing Grace that flows so-copiously from
the Teaching of Jesus, which Awe, if folks recall my former discussion of such, correlates
with the "curved-path" through which Understanding is attained.

it's been clear to me, for decades, that i got way-out-ahead on that "curved-path", and
that, because of that, i was (am) able to see-further than others (forgive me. it's True, as
folks who long ago Witnessed predictions made, on the basis of NDT's stuff (re.
societies-wide TD E/I-minimization dynamics), being 100%-fulfilled).

so, to those who 'think' that, because i Acknowledge Jesus in the midst of my doing Science,
i've, somehow, 'gone off the deep end', i must say, 'think-again'... or Think, period.

i Understand the costs, inherent, and i Understand the awesomely-greater Costs that would've
been inherent if i'd failed to Acknowledge Jesus.

if 'you' doubt, next time 'you' receive your paycheck, or the next time 'you' are able to
issue paychecks to 'your' employees, and, thus, sustain their families, or the next time
'you' are able to publish 'your' newspaper, newsmagazine, TV newsmagazine, science textbook,
etc., or the next time that 'you' are able to Govern the ellectorate, or the next time 'you'
are able to negotiate a business contract, etc.,
=Thank Jesus=.

(to those who, because they were involved, will Recognize Truth in-it: that early-morning
'dip' in U. S. 'stock market' values yesterday (Fri. 12Nov99 (which'll be on the web all
weekend, so that folks can check-it-out), and the recovery from it beginning at ~10:30am,
are in the realm of the stuff of the preceding paragraph.)

Be-cause, if it'd not been for Jesus, things could've turned out very-differently.

as it's been the case, since 9-11 years into my research endeavors, i continue to look
ever-more-further along on the "curved-path" through which Understanding comes.

despite 'your' Despising of me be-cause i Acknowledge Jesus, =IF= things turn out well,
it'll've been be-cause i Learned, from Jesus, to 'just' do what needs to be done, =despite=
being Despised, despite attempts at 'manipulation' coming from =all= sides, and despite
'your' forsaking of Truth.

"you'll" know that "you're" drawing-near to Understanding when 'you' begin to Recognize
Truth, spoken-plainly, here.

until then, while Life remains in-me, i continue to endeavor to hold-open the "Door" to
'your' growth in Understanding.

it'll help-some if you =dare= to Think, and, at least, learn what Jesus Taught, and compare
such with what, now, stands-disclosed in Neuroscience.

i do =not= claim to 'know God', or ability to 'verify the existence of God'. all i'm saying
is that ~2000 years ago, Jesus Knew how our nervous systems process-information...
Amasingly... Jaw-Hangingly... i Challenge anyone to 'explain' how such could be.

when 'you' cannot do so, "you'll" begin to see what i mean.

despite all of the "Beast"-driven 'squirming-within' that would dictate otherwise, Truth
must be taken-Whole, else there is no Hope, and 'we' might as well release the weapons of
mass-destruction today, because that's where 'humanity', without the stuff Jesus Taught,
will Terminate itself.

it's Against that End, that i've used all i own to Join, with Jesus, in Purchasing the
One-Pearl, on this side of Heaven, on behalf of Humanity... on behalf of the Children... the
"new wine".

i Understand it's all very-'Difficult'.

the 'Difficulty' is =solely= the work of the "Beast", Abstract Ignorance (the absence of
understanding of how nervous systems process-information automatically, via blind TD
E/I-minimization, within nervous systems which, nevertheless, process-information

Look-and-See, Jesus Taught with respect to the Same-Stuff, as a prelude to the
extremely-very-much-more Stuff with respect to which He also Taught.

there's no "Science" until folks who'd do Science come to terms with this one thing.

until then, all there is are the Dictates of the "Beast".

Science doesn't 'move away from Truth, even when Truth seems 'Difficult'.

i =BEG= folks to do the Work Understanding entails.

K. P. Collins

kenneth Collins wrote:

> kenneth Collins wrote:
> >[...]
> > the paramount example of this sort of thing has been, of course, the 'rift' that's
> > 'existed' between Religion and Science.
> and the problem is a particularly-Savage one, simply because, since Jesus so thoroughly
> delineated all the best hopes of Moral Humanity, that the 'modern' way, which
> 'prohibits' recourse to God in everyday, Public, discourse, simultaneously 'prohibits'
> all the best hopes for a Moral Humanity.


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