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visual detail - CORRECTION

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 13 15:00:49 EST 1999

sorry, Daan, in my ISP-shuffle, i missed your reply.

daan wrote:

> Your question on why it should be stored is true, but not relevant in
> this case. What I meant was: consider two identically shaped rocks. The
> minute details actually reach your mind. How? By which pathways?

i'm not sure what you're asking.'two identiaally shaped rocks'

are you asking about how the details of the two rocks are 'perceived' and compared,
or are you asking about how the details of one or the other rock are 'perceived'?

and then, your Q also requires that the stuff of 'consciousness' ('mind') be
thoroughly discussed.

it's a lot... pretty-much all of Neuroscience.

here's the short answer:

retina->optic tract->LGN->area 17---->other VCX->IfT CX--->Thal--->other CX
.                                                                               ->Par

->Frontal Eye Fields<---PF CX--->Thal->Motor Speech (or whatever output modality) CX.

"I see a star." (er... "rock").

all of this is organized via TD E/I-minimization, and the 'details' are 'just' the
products of more TD E/I-minimization.

the Shatz work at:


the actual image remains at the retina, the same way an Artist's image remains on the
canvas. all that happens beyond the retina is 'analysis' (including 'recognition' and
'addressing' as they're discussed in AoK, Ap6), 'affect', and output.

as is discussed in AoK, the awesome, activity-dependent, topological-mapping of the
CNS takes care of all the routing inherent, and TD E/I-minimization takes care of
convergence upon the correlated 'supersystem configuration' (AoK, Ap5).

stimulated by an article by F. R. C. Crick, "Thinking About the Brain", in the Sept.
1979, this was the first totally-integrated neural-information-processing problem i
worked out. it's discussed in its entirety in AoK (although it's 'broken-up' in the
more-fundamental discussions of the relatively-discrete TD E/I-minimization
mechanisms, because the main purpose of AoK was with respect to communicating the
fact of TD E/I-minimization.)

cheers, daan, ken (K. P. Collins)

[P. S. if, BTW, there's an 'ulterior' motive in your post, forget it. i worked from
first principles, while developing NDT, and have =all= the notes i took while
developing NDT, which show, clearly, the route i followed as i converged upon NDT.

i've long been aware that my work has been 'borrowed' by others. it'd've still been
unacceptable, but if anyone would've only communicated the stuff to folks who suffer
greatly because the stuff has been withheld from them, i'd've just thumbed my nose at
the 'borrowing', and 'gone away'. (BTW, when i saw what was happening because i'd
worked outside of the system, i  actively encouraged folks who work within the system
to 'borrow' the work, on the condition that the communication to those who
suffer-greatly would be accomplished. the way things've gone has made such a !@#$%^
'mess' out of the Gift i prepared for the Children.)

anyway, i'm pretty 'tired' of all the 'rumors', speculations, and 'accusations. if
there's anyone who will only allow this matter to be addressed publicly, i'll be able
to settle it in short-order. (why i've been begging, for decades, to be allowed to
communicate the work i've done, was that i saw all of the B. S. that was being
heaped-up, and i wanted to do what was necessary to =avoid= everything that's
so-unfortunate in-it, but which has, now, pretty-much unfolded, =except= for the one
thing that should've been done 20 years ago.)

I tried. I tried with all my heart, to avoid everything 'untoward' that's transpired.
so, although just about everyone is trying to do so, no one can 'blame' me for what's
transpired. i invested a relative fortune with respect to this one, sorrow-filled,
outside-of-the-Science, 'political', heap-of-crap, circumstance. it sucked everything
that should've been devoted =only= to doing Science right out of my wallet.)

it's Gallileo, redoux, the 'church' of "science" casting me as the 'bad guy', when
all i've done is Love Science, and do Science well on behalf of the Children... on
behalf of Humanity.

i've been offered 'deal' after 'deal' by folks who want, only, to cover-their-butts,
and who're so-co-opted by the "Beast" that they can't even perceive the fact that i
don't give a damn about them or their miserable way of 'living', and that i wouldn't
stoop to the 'levels' at which they 'exist'.

not being able to comprehend such, they only heap-up more B. S., interminably.

all i've ever asked is that the work be communicated to those who suffer greatly
because it's been withheld from them.

yet, all of these *&^%$# 'inquisitions' =force= me to do that which i've worked so
hard to =not= do.

so, if there was an 'ulterior' motive in your 'two rocks' (metaphor), there's my
reply to such.

as i've stated many times, over the course of decades, i will defend my work before
any scientists, anywhere. i've all the materials that i used. documents were sent to
archivists, never retreived, over the years, which show things at various stages of
development. AoK, and its antecedant papers will've been out-there for 20 years as of
next summer.

i've begged, and begged, and begged, to just be allowed to do Science in the 'normal'

i've called and visited all over the place.

i've attended conferences.

i've been on my knees before folks begging to just be allowed to do Science.

all anyone ever did was laugh at me because i "wasn't aware that we don' t know
anything about the brain".

what is a man, Truth in-hand, supposed to do in the face of such awesome Ignorance
that will not even look-and-see?

a man does what needs to be done, regardless. K. P. Collins)


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