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Voltage Clamp

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 13 21:51:41 EST 1999

BTW, if anyone wants me to read, and comment on this or that work done by others, i
will. but just remember, it'll've not been me who initiated such. the only thing i
do is 'whine' about what's =not= happened with respect to the work =i've= done.
yeah, i discuss 'borrowing' from my work. i do that to try to remind folks about
Honor in Science.

anyway, if it's the case that 'the problem' is that someone else is claiming
'priority', then the easiest path to resolution of 'the problem', is to have me
read, and comment on what they claim, no?

seems simple enough, to me... except for the Sorrow-filled-ness if this sort of
thing is 'the problem'. there are a bunch of things that anyone who'd claim
'priority' would have to know, but which i've not yet discussed because they're
just more-demanding than the 'level' to which i've been able to lift the ongoing
discussion. one cannot comprehend them until one becomes thoroughly-grounded in
NDT's fundamentals. so i've not 'bothered' to discuss them.

but, if that's 'the problem', i'll read the other stuff, then click-'em-off, which
is what i'm doing with respect to this or that msg, anyway.

so, if that's 'the problem', then let's get on with what needs to be done, no?

Mark, i like your Erasmus quote.

cheers, ken (K. P. Collins)

kenneth Collins wrote:

> Hi, Mark. my response is not to you.
> if anyone 'wonders', this Q is newer than any of the refs i've used. didn't
> 'patch clamping' garner the Medicine Nobel in the recent past? my
> 'understanding' is that it's a powerful technique for analyzing ion-gates and
> their functioning.
> if anyone wants to see the way i resolved the same stuff, i'll be glad to do
> it, in-person. there's no 'mystery' to my method; just a lot of grunt-work to
> go from global to local dynamics, while carrying-through the 'special
> topological homeomorphism' (STH) and the necessity of TD E/I-minimization,
> given specific inputs and outputs.
> as i've explained, knowing specific functionalities of particular ion channels
> is insufficient for saying anything, because they can do the same thing, but be
> participating in radically-different information-processing dynamics... so one
> =must= carry through STH & TD E/I-minimization with respect to particular
> inputs and outputs.
> of course, all the parallelism and sequential stuff, like dynamic subordinate
> coupling (AoK, Ap5), must be carried through, too (just sub-stuff within STH &
> TD E/I(min).
> as i said, except for the refs i've responded to in this NG, i stopped going to
> the Lib to read in Neuroscience back in the mid-80s. (it's a Sorrow, but that's
> what happened. it was just too-painful to read further).
> ken (K. P. Collins
> Mark Fehr wrote:
> > Hi,
> >     I'm an aspiring neuroscientist, a junior in college, and was wondering
> > if someone could help me out with a concept in my intro to neuroscience
> > class.  Can someone explain how the voltage clamp exactly works, and what I
> > read from it? I have a vague idea, and would like it to me more grounded.
> > Thanks
> > MARK
> >
> > --
> > "When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and
> > clothes"
> > -Erasmus
> > http://members.xoom.com/wolf42/forever.html

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