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Voltage Clamp

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 15 03:41:43 EST 1999

but i do wish that, if it's the case that folks in Neuroscience intend to keep me
'locked-out', and my work Censored, no matter what i do, that folks'd just be
forthright with respect to such.

the work is solid. it's a valid contribution, has advanced the Science, and will
endure. it's a new (formerly-non-existent) way of looking at the whole
Neuroscience problem.

"well, duh... how can you say the things you say in AoK when you don't know the

to which i'll respond, show me one ion, one molecule, one cell, that exists
outsied of what's in AoK, Ap9.

hint: you can't.

that's the standard of certainty to which i worked... i don't care about "the way
things are supposed to be done". look and see, "the way things are supposed to be
done" was the whole problem.

don't get me wrong. i =DO NOT= 'diminish' the effort of those who're working in
the traditional way. go for it.

but, before i'm kept 'incarcerated' any longer, there should be a presentation
opportunity, rather than this miserable version of '20 questions'. you'll see your
work in a whole new way, and you'll see that i dealt with the stuff of your
questions long ago. (i have, in Tapered Harmony, put all of Physics and Chemistry
on a new foundation. kind of 'hard' to expect "the same ol' stuff" to come out the
other end of the pipe, no?)

yet i'm relegated to an 'existence' that, if it were imposed upon a criminal,
would be considered to constitute 'cruel and unusual punishment'... two decades of
'solitary confinement'.

and i'm supposed to be 'genteel', or no one will have anything to do with me?

doesn't compute.

K. P. Collins

kenneth Collins wrote:

> FWIW, the other thing involved is that i was 'looking-elsewhere'... to do the
> stuff that wasn't already way-advanced, but which nobody was doing, so that i
> could contribute to the overall effort.
> if that decision of mine is 'the problem', there's nothing that i can do about
> it. it was the right decision for me, and i accept the consequences of it with
> respect to myself.
> ken

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