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Please take a 'breather'

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 15 05:32:28 EST 1999

Please take a 'breather' to consider...

what's happened has happened.

i've no Obligarion with respect to it, except the one i Choose, which is
stated-plainly in AoK's Epilogue.

the thing with respect to which i do have Obligation is what, as of this
'minute', 04:37, Monday, 15Nov99, is what continues happening.

it's wrong that one who's worked devotedly is 'locked-out', and
especially so when the work involved is useful in addressing the
Ignorance that's wreaked havoc within Human affairs.

it'll remain wrong until the work is communicated in the 'normal' way.

that's 'the problem'.

Solving 'the problem' simple.

until things get-'normal', as in 'normal' face-to-face discussion, the
way Human Beings do such, it's clear to me that i'm being treated as the
worst 'criminal' on the face of the planet, because that's what the
circumstances in which i'm forced (by virtue of being Scientist) to
exist in are commensurate with.

one can See the Wrong in such plain-as-day.

i'll accept no 'deals'.

i'll accept only the end of all the Murder.

you know, i once got 'heated-up' during a telephone conversation with a
Journalist. it was clear that the place where the Journalist was
employed was 'interested' in the story, but that they were doing their
'investigative' thing. since i'd offered to let them have at me in any
way they wanted to, but they wouldn't just-talk-to-me, or question me,
it was clear that they were 'interested' in a different way.

in 'frustration', i told the Journalist that, when the dust settled, i'd
be with the folks on whose behalves the work was done.

at the 'time', i assumed that that would be in a 'down-trodden state',
but i was wrong.

i'll just be another one who's been Murdered... with the folks on whose
behalves the work was done, but in a way that i couldn't imagine way
back then.

if that's what's in-store, so be it.

a man does what needs to be done, Faithfully, regardless of what threats
are heaped-up because of what he's doing.

K. P. Collins

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