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Please take a 'breather'

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 15 14:06:28 EST 1999

kenneth Collins wrote:>[...]

> it's wrong that one who's worked devotedly is 'locked-out', and
> especially so when the work involved is useful in addressing the
> Ignorance that's wreaked havoc within Human affairs.

there's a 'sinister side' to what continues.

for instance, i read, yesterday (Sun., 14Nov99), in either the _New Work
Times_ or the _Boston Globe_, that there's a move on to merge the two large
Human Genome efforts.

one group wants to 'patent' elements of the genome.

but, if the work i've done is acknowledged, they'll not be able to do so
because my work in Tapered Harmony places all of Physics and Chemistry on a
single, unified, new foundation, and, since these new developments go beyond
existing Physics and Chemistry, if my work is acknowledged, anyone who wants
to circumvent 'patents' with respect to existing practice need only work at
the 'level' of Tapered Harmony, which i trying to insert, gracefully, into
the Public Domain (the status of my efforts to do so are, BTW, as of this
'minute', unsuccessful... the 'problem' is that the Public Domain
'transaction' needs to be made 'Official', in some verifiable way. which
leads right back to the need for Publication, in the 'normal' way.)

the above is only an example of the =general nature= of the 'problem' that's
blocking the communication of the work i've done, and i've selected it
because it's just-now unfolding.

there've been long-standing analogous things, the most-Sorrowful, perhaps,
being with respect to what's referred to as 'depression', in which
information-processing dynamics that are engineered into the nervous system,
but not generally-comprehended, have been, knowingly and deliberately,
'defined'-in-perpetuo as a 'disease' because there's such a large industry
that targets the engineered-in information-processing dynamics, in the name
of 'profits'.

there are so many 'groups' that want my work to be 'buried' because it
undermines their abilities to hold Science 'hostage', in the name of
'profits'... which amounts to a sort of compound-Blackmail. the Taxpayers
are blocked from receiving the benefit of the work i've done, even though
they paid for most of the experimental results i used while developing NDT.
(Tapered Harmony is quite-different in this respect. it was, until ~10 years
ago, almost pure 'looking-elsewhere', done simply for the Joy inherent in
doing so; my 'play', which i'd no intention of communicating until NDT was
attacked from the perspective of Physics.)

so, the Taxpayers are being forced to pay for the same stuff two, or more
times. my work, and where my heart is with respect to it, makes such
impossible, and =one= part of 'the problem' is that folks who want to keep
on charging the Taxpayers for what they've already paid for, are trying to
keep the 'door' that's opened-up in the work i've done, through which folks
can freely-pass, from having any existence.

it's the biggest part of why the communication of the work i've done has
been 'blocked' for so long.

i've tried, in the past, to address the same circumstance, in ways that
were, in the main, comprehensible only to the folks who're involved, but
it's my analysis that they 'decided' that 'common folks' (there's no such
thing), couldn't comprehend the stuff of those prior discussions, and, so,
they've 'just' 'decided' that they can continue to circumvent the
communication of the work i've done... so that they can 'profit'.

the only thing that's actually happening is that everything's coming to be
more-specifically-defined, in it's all 'pretty'-ugly, increasingly, way.

the race to prevent such has been the main thing of my 'desperation'.
there'll come a 'time' when things'll cross the 'point of no return',
because folks'll have such hugely-vested-'interests', that they'll do a
thing that's analogous to what the Tobacco Companies did... go into
'enforced denial' that's calculated (literally; see AoK) to force everyone
to 'move away from' Truth.

it's this one thing to which i've been referring in my discussions re. "the
Existence of Science".

there're Laws against what's been, so routinely, blocking the communication
of the work i've done. they are the Foundation stuff of our Capitalistic
system; Guarantees writ bold in the Constitution of the United States of

if the 'point of no return' is crossed, at that 'moment', the Constitution
of the United States of America ceases to have Existence, and the thing that
was Born-In-Blood, Willfully, by folks longing for Freedom, becomes
transformed into just a bunch of meaningless verbiage that has no relation
to what actually happens.

so, if 'you' 'wonder' about my 'desperateness', don't.

it stems from all of this unfortunate, outside-of- the-Science stuff, with
which i, nevertheless, must deal, be-cause all of the 'prifit'-seeking
that's 'thumbing it's nose' at all that's Precious in the Constitution of
the United States of America was 'enabled' by the work i've done. if i'd not
done the work, the 'economic' situation would be other than it, in fact, is.

it's why i see that i must stand-firm with respect to Honor in Science.

there'll =still= be plenty of opportunity, but it just cannot be that all
that's Born-In-Blood-Sacred is 'tossed-out' in the name of 'profits'.

if anyone 'wonders', this Obligation is the source of what's perceived as my
"Sorrow"... it's all such an Awesome Waste.

work in Science should just be communicated, sans preconditions, sans

that such has not been the case with respect to the work i've done, imposes
upon me the Obligation to stand-firm with respect to the 'Sorrow-filled'

i understand that it could be the case that the 'point of no return' was
crossed long ago, but i've Chosen to persevere, regardless... to work to
hold-open the 'door'.

not doing so is Unthinkable.

Sadly, though, as i do so persevere, Truth is becoming ever-more
well-refined, and more-plainly visible.

i understand that folks 'think', "Why doesn't he just 'play the game', get
'rich', and live easy?"

it's 'just' that i've 'traveled' =way-out= on the 'road ahead', and Know
what Exists out-there, where it's all 'just' wdb2t... 'money' makes no
difference, except to the degree that it 'deceives' folks into 'moving away
from' Truth.

there's a 'cliff' out-there. folks've been stampeding, like lemmings, headed
right for it... the "Beast" blinding them to all my 'jumping-up-and-down'
that's on their behalves, and on behalf of the Children.

K. P. Collins

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