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a story

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 16 17:21:19 EST 1999

when i was a Child, i had a morning paper route. i'd get up at 04:45
each weekday to try to get the newpapers to folks before they left for

in the winter months up here in New England, it was often cold,
sometimes as cold as -40F.

because my first and last stops each morning were at our thermometer, i
noticed a 'curious' phenomenon. the temperature =always=, if only
briefly, dipped lower just before sunrise.

curious, no?

one would think that the coming of the sun would just hearld a rise in
temperature, but that's not the case, at least in the river valley where
i grew up.

it was as if some of whatever heat there was in that valley was getting
sucked-out each morning just before dawn... kind of like a thermodynamic
"Bernouli effect".

anyway, i'm looking back over the years these days, and i'm reminded of
this 'curious' pre-dawn dips in thermometer readings.

there's a unity in all things, no matter how complex.

it's been so hard, being the one who had to absorb it all as herald of
the Dawning of Understanding among Humans.

it's 'funny', i can see, clearly, the only two paths that are open to
Humanity, but i cannot see what's in store for myself... my Solitary
Confinement is so complete... 'they' seem to like it that way... hope
they've chosen the right path, but i doubt that 'they' have.

there's much more in both NDT & TH.

i expect that i'll die without having communicated any of it.



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