Is there any neuroscientists out there????

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Sorry, I meant to also ask, what non-drug treatments are there for
ADHD, if anything?

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> > I think
> > also CAT scans of an ADHD brain is suppose to look quite
> different than
> > one without it. Any commments? Any articles published in
> neuroscience
> > journals that may be useful?
> Your best bet is to go to PubMed or Medline or whatever literature
> search engine you want to use, type in the words you are
> interested in,
> and hope that you get less than 250 papers to read.
> I just tried this for you with PubMed: I typed in ADHD and received
> 1192 references. Now just select the reviews, and you'll have a
> great
> place to start learning.
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