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Is there any neuroscientists out there????

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Thu Nov 18 09:33:16 EST 1999

The ADHD syndrome is often seen to be in the middle of a very long
spectrum with the Epilepsy syndrome (petit mal, absence, psychomotor,
temporal lobe, complex partial) on one end and Tourette's (tics)
syndrome on the other end.  The symptom of inattention/attention
deficits is associated with more than one syndrome.  Often underlying
the whole concept of attention deficit is the idea of a
microscopic/whatever injury point somewhere in the brain (often
involving the reticular formation of the brain stem/associated areas)
where it is known that a group of CNS medicines classified as
stimulants/alerting agents are known to occasionally and temporarily
reduce some of the symptoms associated with ADHD by reducing
distractibility and increasing attention span. The ADHD-ADD-
Hyperactivity newsgroup is:  alt.support.attn-deficit

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  jhillmurphy <jenniferNOjeSPAM at b-alert.com.invalid> wrote:
> There seems to be a lot of noise here, unfortunately. Why is that when
> this is such an important topic?
> I am trying to find out about research done on Attention Deficit
> Disorders. I understand that many neuroscientists don't accept ADHD as
> a "real" problem, but I think there's been evidence that a person with
> ADHD has very different brain activity than one without it. I think
> also CAT scans of an ADHD brain is suppose to look quite different
> one without it. Any commments? Any articles published in neuroscience
> journals that may be useful?
> I hope I'm not making noise here!
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> > Hi,
> > Is there any one out there?
> > I feel a little nervous doing this, but feel the ball needs
> > rolling!\
> > Regards
> > Mark T
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