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Is there any neuroscientists out there????

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Thu Nov 18 10:06:04 EST 1999

In article <80ti3o$gdt$1 at oravannahka.helsinki.fi>,
  dag.stenberg at helsinki.nospam.fi wrote:
> jhillmurphy <jenniferNOjeSPAM at b-alert.com.invalid> wrote:
> > I am trying to find out about research done on Attention Deficit
> > Disorders. I understand that many neuroscientists don't accept ADHD
> > a "real" problem, but I think there's been evidence that a person
> > ADHD has very different brain activity than one without it. I think
> > also CAT scans of an ADHD brain is suppose to look quite different
> > one without it. Any commments? Any articles published in
> > journals that may be useful?
> A quick Medline search indeed showed about 50 articles on the subject.
> While I saw no CT studies, there were some PET and SPECT studies
> changes in prefrontal and anterior cingulate metabolism, as well as
> changes in dopamine transmission; there are now also several fMRI
> studies addressing attentional problems in ADHD.
>   I hope you can easily find these articles for yourself.
> Dag Stenberg
It's been known for several decades that stimulant/alerting agent
medicines used to treat ADHD (including caffeine, Ritalin, and
Dexedrine) tend to stain (in research studies) certain parts of the
brain including the reticular formation of the brain stem/the
hypothalamus/other areas.  Caffeine and the amphetamines are known to
change neurotransmitters levels for certain neurotranmitters including
dopamine (human movement, memory).  C. Thomas Wild

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