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Is there any neuroscientists out there????

jhillmurphy jenniferNOjeSPAM at b-alert.com.invalid
Thu Nov 18 17:05:50 EST 1999

The company I'm working for is researching and developing brain
monitoring devices that will (hopefully) be able to monitor brainwaves
of people with ADHD. They will also have a pager-like device which will
be able to transmit the data on the brainwave activity to labs who will
then be able to analyze the data, and give real-time feedback. This
could involve evaluating doses of drugs such as Ritalin - recommending
the appropriate dose for the person, and even giving the person a
battery of tests that would lift sluggish brain activity (which, as I
understand it, occurs in people with ADHD). So, the hope is that the
devices will help determine appropriate doses of pharmaceutical
treatments and even provide a non-pharmaceutical treatment for ADHD.

If you would like our website address, I will give it to you - if you
would like to just see more specifically what we're doing. We're a
fairly new company.


p.s. - I enjoy drinking strong coffee and it can have such a great
effect on me - improves my short-term memory, etc. - maybe I have ADHD
and don't know it! Or maybe I'm just incredibly addicted to it.

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> > jhillmurphy <jenniferNOjeSPAM at b-alert.com.invalid> wrote:
> > > If I wanted to try and recruit people with ADHD for a study,
> are
> there
> > > specific meeting groups or specialized clinics for people with
> ADHD? My
> > > understanding is that people with ADHD get treated at all
> kinds of
> > > places and there are probably not many cohesive groups of
> people
> with
> > > ADHD.
> >
> > First question: where in the world (continent, country etc.) are
> you?
> > The address "jenniferNOjeSPAM at b-alert.com.invalid" is not
> particularly
> > informative.
> >
> > Dag Stenberg
> >
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> > Dag Stenberg     MD PhD
> stenberg at cc.helsinki.fi
> > Institute of Biomedicine		   tel: (int.+)358-9-1918532
> > Department of Physiology                   fax:
> (int.+)358-9-1918681
> > P.O.Box 9        (Siltavuorenpenger 20 J)
> > FIN-00014 University of Helsinki,Finland
> >
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> >
> Additional ADHD resources:  I am an adult with very mild ADHD and
> today, in 1999, I tend to see the ADHD syndrome as being on a
> continuum
> with the Epilepsy syndrome on one end and Tourette's syndrome on
> the
> other end.  That's my view. With the help of my doctor, Anita Uhl
> Brothers, M.D., of Berkeley, California, I was able to find out
> more
> about a FDA approved medicine, a special caffeine compound, which
> temporarily reduced distractibility and increased attention span
> for
> me.  The caffeine compound works better for me than than either
> Ritalin
> or Dexedrine to pay attention a little easier.  C. Thomas Wild,
> author,
> Sacramento, California, USA.  ADHD resource:
> http://homepages.msn.com/RightWay/c_thomas_wild/  There are other
> good
> ADHD resource and homepages too including the ADHD newsgroup:
> alt.support.attn-deficit
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