Is there any neuroscientists out there????

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Fri Nov 19 14:27:33 EST 1999

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> jhillmurphy <jenniferNOjeSPAM at> wrote:
> > The company I work for is in Carlsbad, California, near San
> Diego,
> > California. The CEO and president here just recently went to the
> > neuroscience conference in Miami, Florida and they actually met
> a group
> > of scientists from Finland who were interested in the research my
> > company's doing. You weren't one of the people there by chance,
> were
> > you?
> I was, or am. And yesterday I received your message to about 40
> people
> in my email, so I am now oriented, and have visited your website
> to read
> more.
> Dag Stenberg

-- Oh good! I hope you find it informative. Please ask me any questions
you may have.

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