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interesting project ?

Richard Norman rsnorman at mediaone.net
Sun Nov 21 14:26:09 EST 1999

Be careful about how you use the term "mind control".
If you mean using signals recorded from the nervous system to control
external devices, there is a lot of physiological basis to do this.  If you
mean using external devices to control a persons thoughts, you tend to cross
the line from real science into a different arena (which will probably get
me flamed).

The main problem is picking up the appropriate signals.  Using external
electrodes stuck on the scalp, you record the EEG (electroencephalogram)
wave.  This really isn't specific enough to effectively control machinery.
Using very small electrodes implanted into the right portion of the brain,
you get signals that you can train to do this.  Unfortunately, implanting
the electrodes is rather invasive, to say the least.  And long term
stability is a serious problem.

External electrodes placed over muscles are a more likely candidate for you.
These record the EMG (electromyogram).  Again, electrodes implanted into
muscle (or in motor nerves) provide much more accurate control, but requires
invasive techniques.

Another possibility is external electrodes placed around the eyes.  These
record the EOG (electrooculogram) and can indicate the direction the eyes
are pointing.  Better control is obtained using a camera that records the
reflection of a small spot of light shining on the eye.  That can more
accurately detect the direction of gaze.  A subtle eyeblink can then cause
the mouse pointer to move to that location.

Can someone else help out with citations?  I tried searching PubMed but
"Biocontrol EEG" or "Biocontrol EMG" resulted only in a small number of
older Russian studies.

patrik bagge <patrik-b at online.no> wrote in message
news:0ZVZ3.15263$1C4.145213 at news1.online.no...
> Hi all,
> i recently gained interest in looking into 'mindcontrol' a bit
> , there are some equipment/projects utilizing that a set of
> 'brainwaves' can be directed, measured and used for external control.
> As being a hard&software developer, i humbly ask for your
> guidance regarding:
> Is it possible to design a mindcontrolled 'mouse'
> , prefferably with the same dynamics ?
> Yours
> Patrik Bagge
> ps could be useful for disabled people....

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