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Thinking without language?

patrik bagge patrik-b at online.no
Sun Nov 21 15:07:23 EST 1999

>Actually, improvising on my baroque recorder to Beethoven or to some
>rock group is a much more engaging exercise than memorization could ever
>be for me.

yup, interest, repetition and time seems to apply to the
learning animal.

>It seems that improvization and memorization can either
>complement each other, or they can fight it out on the alter of
>conventionality and presumed (but not proven) efficacy. Do we want more
>conformity to the past (as facts), or are creative solutions the goal?
>Tell me--I've forgotten the answer, (if I ever knew it).

i can only offer you my personal views,
wherever those come from...

i have occasionally found myself in the hiring/evaluating
situation, makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.
Actually it involves evaluating a fellow human being and
putting a price tag above his head and in his pocket.
anyway, depending on current specification one hires a

1) practical human, who gets the job
done without thinking

2) theoretical human, who explains why
individual 1 got the job done.

3) creative human, who suggests new
better approaches to things, enabling
individual 1,2 to work better.

imho, there is this nice feedback signal
indicating present state of knowledge
organisation, called 'confusement'

when the path closes we could distinct
1) motivation / desire (curiosity is one)
2) behavior and cognition
3) value of 'confusement'

thus, imho, creativity/improvization goes
hand in hand with learning/knowledge
and understanding.

to creativity i associate intelligence
combined with 'big picture', 'crosscientific' etc
I have come to the conclusion that
dr, phd titles , occasionally inhibits
creativity, one has read a book to many
without enough personal evaluation.

imho creativity:
analogy in patterns between different
contexts, nothing is really 'new'

confused regards
Patrik Bagge

PS let's remember to have Fun

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