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Thinking without language?

patrik bagge patrik-b at online.no
Sun Nov 21 16:32:24 EST 1999

>>You missed my point. I understand that one can think about multiple
>>things at once. But one can't be moving one's mouth so as to form
>>different utterances simultaneously.
>That bit is true, but are you really sure that you are thinking verbally
>things at the same time, or are you switching between them rapidly with
>physical movement still happening in the mouth and throat or do you just
>feel like you are thinking two things at the same time?
>It's like thnking with images. You're not actually seeing the images that
>you think you are seeing. It's impossible. Sight can only be done with the
>eyes and true images can only be seen with the eyes. When you 'think' that
>you are seeing images in your head, what you're actually doing is getting
>impressions of things you already recognise such as shape, texture, size,
>temperature and so on. You 'feel' you are seeing them by remembering how
>they felt to your senses. Likewise, you don't actually think verbally in
>your head, you only think verbally in your throat and mouth using the
>smallest of movements that sometimes you find veyr hard to detect. Sounds
>and images are impossible in the head, only impressions of them which you
>bring down to a a more outer, physical level.

imho, we are parallell processing entities and are capable
of 'thinking' simultaniously, but at different consciousness levels.

one very interesting question is, how does previously obtained
knowledge inflict upon perception?
occasionally it's hard to distinct, what one is actually
experiencing, the 'inner' model or the 'outer' object.

we are probably perverting the 'outer' objective reality
a lot in our everyday life.


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