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Thinking without language?

patrik bagge patrik-b at online.no
Sun Nov 21 17:35:10 EST 1999

>> when the path closes we could distinct
>> 1) motivation / desire (curiosity is one)
>> 2) behavior and cognition
>> 3) value of 'confusement'
>An old friend always admonished me to "stay confused." This, because the
>resolution of confusion is learning. It is a prime motivator for me to
>find out how it really workds.

yes, but i would like to separate (in my ai work) the
desire as the gravitational force pulling facts into
our minds, in the better of scenarios,
creating truthful knowledge.

>> thus, imho, creativity/improvization goes
>> hand in hand with learning/knowledge
>> and understanding.

>One can look up the facts, or try to discover the principle and then
>generalize to other areas. A lifetime of doing this produces someone who
>is not going to fit into rounded-off holes.

well, well i'm suddenly a great beleiver in the
existance of parallell universes, or put another way
, i couldn't agree more.
During my sentence in various programming
institutions (schools), i hang around with the 'nerds'
and in evenings with the 'party-animals', getting
some acknowledgement in both camps.
One or two had a really hard time fitting my 'existance'
in any of the classical holes. Classification is
great functionality in the human mind,
occasionally working a bit too hard.

>> to creativity i associate intelligence
>> combined with 'big picture', 'crosscientific' etc
>> I have come to the conclusion that
>> dr, phd titles , occasionally inhibits
>> creativity, one has read a book to many
>> without enough personal evaluation.
>I discovered this in college when one of my professor's was so dry and
>matter-of-fact that I almost fell asleep on him several times. Didn't
>want to risk asking a question--he might not have been able to get out
>of the facts and into the question--BTW, he was a professor in
>English--this made it particularly disappointing.

i can detect no harm done, one of my teachers was
great, MTV.

>> imho creativity:
>> analogy in patterns between different
>> contexts, nothing is really 'new'

>I understand what you mean, but I do believe that the resolution of the
>analytical and the holistic varies as socities evolve. This is a slow
>process, but yesterday's creativity must be improved on to evolve into
>tomorrow's dream (or nightmare, whichever it is).

hmm, knowledge varies and increases,
do you suggest that creativity in H.Sapiens varies too ?

allow me to introduce another fellow that i consider interesting
, but haven't deared to hire yet, the Rebel.
His 'purpose' in existance is to put a questionmark
after every new and old truth. he is really time consuming
, most of the truths are still true, But occasionally
he helps us detect that true=false


the power of conFUSION

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