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Thinking without language?

Harlan Messinger zzzhmessinger at erols.com
Sun Nov 21 19:36:37 EST 1999

"ADR" <a.dalla_rosa at virgin.net> wrote:

>>You missed my point. I understand that one can think about multiple
>>things at once. But one can't be moving one's mouth so as to form
>>different utterances simultaneously.
>That bit is true, but are you really sure that you are thinking verbally two
>things at the same time, 

Yes. I am certain.

>or are you switching between them rapidly with
>physical movement still happening in the mouth and throat or do you just
>feel like you are thinking two things at the same time?
>It's like thnking with images. You're not actually seeing the images that
>you think you are seeing. It's impossible. Sight can only be done with the
>eyes and true images can only be seen with the eyes. 

Even when you are seeing things through your eyes, "vision" occurs in
your brain.

>When you 'think' that
>you are seeing images in your head, what you're actually doing is getting
>impressions of things you already recognise such as shape, texture, size,
>temperature and so on. You 'feel' you are seeing them by remembering how
>they felt to your senses. Likewise, you don't actually think verbally in
>your head, you only think verbally in your throat and mouth 

You *think* in your *throat*? You are using a very twisted definition
of "think". And you are jerking everyone around.

>using the
>smallest of movements that sometimes you find veyr hard to detect. Sounds
>and images are impossible in the head, only impressions of them which you
>bring down to a a more outer, physical level.

Harlan Messinger
There are no Zs in my actual e-mail address.

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