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Thinking without language?

Alexander Gross alexilen at sprynet.com
Sun Nov 21 21:56:07 EST 1999

i'm not going to be able to continue my thoughts with language about
thinking without language right away or reply to any outstanding
messages, because i've just taken on an assignment that requires my
undivided attention for a while.  so it will probably be in early
2000 that i get back to you on any of this, by which time, with a
bit  of luck, i will also have my website up, so that a few of you
can have a better notion of the size & scope of the creature you
might be deciding to take on before you perhaps recklessly move to
do so.

i'm also not too reassured by the thoughtfulness (or lack thereof)
of recent messages.  No, Patrik, concerning Lavoisier's & Ruth Hubbard's
objections drawings & diagrams won't work
anywhere near as well as words to record most thoughts & ideas, &
they often won't work at all, & here, donning another hat, i speak
as someone who for 40 years has been half of a husband-&-wife artist-
verbal design & promo team, plus which i grew up in a family of
cartographers & map publishers, and all the noise about a picture being
worth 10,000 words is frequently nonsense.  but i just don't want to
get started on this, nor do i care to debate with someone else here
whether or not "telepathic"
thought transference is responsible for the seemingly simultaneous
emergence of similar inventions or for the recurrence of various
ideas through history--it seems to me that different groups of human
beings coming up against similar limitations in this or other eras
would explain things a lot more persuasively.  and the last thing i
want to deal with--though the Net seems full of this--is
"meta-messages:" messages about the what, why, ethics, esthetics,
epistemology, etc. of other messages.

i'm sorry if i sound a bit impatient, and i remain most grateful to
most of you for your friendly and reasonable comments, especially
to Sergio (and i'm still going through those sites!) and to Rob (& i
promise to get back to you soon!)   and i'll try to have a look in
on messages here now & then.

so unless this work takes a lot less time than i anticipate, i'll be
looking forward to seeing you all in the post Y2K era--which i have
pretty fair confidence won't be too different from now--and just
want to say
                                    very best & ciao for now!

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