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Thinking without language?

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 22 16:03:23 EST 1999

hi, Jure, i, too, love computing, but you made a statement below that's just wrong.

Jure Sah wrote:

> Sergio Navega wrote:
> > Computers are really fantastic machines. I have four of them and,
> > except for weekends, I spend more time with them than with "humans".
> "I" have 3 of them and I too like to spend time with them rather than humans.
> > It's almost unbelievable the number of operations they are
> > executing in the seconds that we take to type a simple text such
> > as this one. They are fast and precise.
> >
> > Unfortunately, when it's time to live in an uncertain and vague world
> > such as ours, that precision goes against computers.
> Mostly because a computer never misunderstood me, witch makes them quite precise
> in the real world. :)
> And hey!
> Don't forget how long was a 3 year old child been "programed". Not only the 3
> years, but millions of years trough the human (and non human) evolution.
> Trough your life you do not make many new connections you only activate them.

this's just wrong. all of the stuff of the nervous system, including stuff like
immune system function, is dynamically configurable via experience. that it's so is
why we send our Children to school. (the connection to immune system function is
easy to see. the immune system, innately, 'learns' to recognize and, mostly,
overcome disease agents. learning about disease processes enables optimal immune
system function because behavior co-operates in minimizing exposure to disease

the whole nervous system is like this, all highly dynamical. that it's so, is the
foundation of our survival as a species (a dynamic nervous system can adapt to
environmental change.)


> PC's nowadays are just too simple to be compared to a human brain.
> (However I have to tell you that a simple program may pull the trigger!)
> If a computer would get things the way we do, they would get useless pretty
> fast!
> Computers are so useful to us just because they are so different!
> Do you think that you would keep your pet if it evolved such abilities as you
> have?
> Just don't lose respect in the computer!!!
> I'm here to make sure people don't!

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