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Thinking without language?

dag.stenberg at helsinki.nospam.fi dag.stenberg at helsinki.nospam.fi
Mon Nov 22 16:34:12 EST 1999

In bionet.neuroscience kenneth Collins <kpaulc at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Jure Sah wrote:
> > Don't forget how long was a 3 year old child been "programed". Not only the 3
> > years, but millions of years trough the human (and non human) evolution.
> > Trough your life you do not make many new connections you only activate them.

> this's just wrong. all of the stuff of the nervous system, including stuff like
> immune system function, is dynamically configurable via experience. that it's so is
> why we send our Children to school. (the connection to immune system function is
> easy to see. the immune system, innately, 'learns' to recognize and, mostly,
> overcome disease agents. learning about disease processes enables optimal immune
> system function because behavior co-operates in minimizing exposure to disease
> agents).

> the whole nervous system is like this, all highly dynamical. that it's so, is the
> foundation of our survival as a species (a dynamic nervous system can adapt to
> environmental change.)

Surely it is wrong that we do not make any new connections during life,
but on the other hand it is surely also against known facts
(observation, experimentation) that ALL of the stuff ... is dynamically
configurable. Surely the genetic code directs a lot of the development
in a way that environmental experience cannot change.

Dag Stenberg

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