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> ok, thanks, your example was good and 'got thru',  i will get into this a
> little bit further...

As that other guy described the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosenberg experiment,
you might want to search for that. As a personal note, I really dug
reading J.S.Bell's collected papers for their phenomenological
questioning of physics. As to this "info in the brain?" thingamajigger,
I'd like to remind everybody that we don't know if Natural Language is
computable, and further that Heideggerians like Prof. Dreyfus have
problems with cognitivist modeling of human comportment anyways.


"lifeless man hurling these maxims eros and emotions
to tear through trees and act as guillotines
savage as pathological suburbanite phillistines
helter skelter filtering throughout sound system

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