SV: Capacity of the brain

Pat Kling kling at
Tue Nov 23 08:50:18 EST 1999

I believe that the class of computable things is only
a subset of the class of deterministic things.  It is
possible to be deterministic, but not computable.

Pat Kling

"Frank Buckler" <fb at> writes:
> hypochristmutreefuzz <hypochristmutreefuzz at> schrieb in im
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> > I'd like to remind everybody that we don't know if Natural Language is
> > computable,
> Computable meens deterministic.
> All science have to make the asumtion thats its object is deterministic. If
> e.g. psychology does not, it leave the scientific path and enters religion.
> On the other hand  the 1999 published book of D. Doerner contains a very
> reseanable explanation how for instands language evolves.

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