Thinking without language?

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Tue Nov 23 12:39:38 EST 1999

hi, Dag.

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> > kenneth Collins wrote:
> > take a rose bush, and 'plant' it where there's no light. despite the good DNA of the rose
> > bush, not only will one get no roses, one will lose the rose bush, all it's could-be-color,
> > all it's could-be-fragrence, all the could-be-Joyous givings of roses... 'course, one
> > dispenses with all the could-be-thorns, "two".
> > despite what's in the rose bush's good DNA.
> Yes, but without the DNA steering itself, the rose bush would not even
> have tried to grow.

it's it's the energy-flow that is wdb2t that does everything that the DNA, supposedly, does.
without wdb2t, the DNA is inert.

cheers, ken (K. P. Collins)

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