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SV: Capacity of the brain

patrik bagge patrik-b at online.no
Tue Nov 23 18:08:35 EST 1999

> Do transistors work without QM?

who knows?, if there is is QM and it's important
, the transistors might rely on them,
furthermore, if there is a God and transistors rely
upon him, then hey !, this _is_  deep ...

otherwise, so far, NO, the transistor is a
NPN or PNP device a'la whoever to claims to
have discovered it first. In modern processors
it's a NMOS or PMOS device, the gate being
insulated from the rest. A capacitance between the
gate & rest imposes a current consumtion proportional
to frequency+voltage, but , hey !, that's another story.

> I've never been quite clear
>on this. Perhaps they do. In ehich case, I then ask: does QM play
>a role in getting good yields on high density chips?

so far, improvement in conventional techinques has
given us the DRAM of increasing density, with sophistictaed
lithography. But, again the PQM dot computer is predicted
or maybe it's just another fantasy of mind, who knows ?

> I'd be rather surprised to find that QM didn't run up
>SOMEWHERE in the path from sand to 21264s.

what is a 21264?, anyway, the basic material of
integrated circuits (IC's) is found in Sahara sand.
A little purification process applied to this 'sand'
gives us monocrystalline Si, that is a good starting
point for transistors & pentiums ...

No 'doping' problems in computer technology

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