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Thinking without language?

Bloxy's Bloxy's at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 24 05:36:45 EST 1999

In article <383BB645.86DAD2AD at dorf.wh.uni-dortmund.de>, sedi at earthling.net wrote:
>John Turnbull schrieb:
>>         Would any kind of detailed thinking be a distraction to performing
>>         well?  
>Not nessecarily. Sometimes it is better to keep your left brain working
>on something different so it won't disturb the right brain doing its
>job. Really. With my pupils I sometimes practice things like that.
>>         Are the thoughts more on a macro scale, and not on the micro
>>         scale of which notes do I play, how do I play them, how would I
>>         play louder?
>Hm. If I understand you correctly: yes. If you can _really_ play a tune
>the thoughts refer to structure and feeling of the song, the technical
>things are working better while not thinking about it. I am a trumpeter,
>and if you want to reach high pitched tones on a trumpet, everything
>(breathing in, muscle relaxation, muscle tension, throat openness,
>tongue position, lip tension etc..) must work absolutely perfectly
>together, or the air won't flow the way it should and you won't make it.
>It is impossible to control these factors consciously.


> It's hard enough to control even one.

True, nearly impossible, once you start thinking ABOUT it.

> If you concentrate on one factor, you always tend
>to cramp and the other factors get worse. So 


>>         When improvising, do you ever surprise yourself?  

Thats the whole point of improvisation: to amuse oneself,
and hopefully finally learn that you are valid.


----------------------------- end of input -----------------

>Absolutely. How should I know what I feel before I hear what I play? ;)

>I can distinguish two modes in my improvising: 

>1.) Closing my eyes letting it flow (I can actually read the newspaper
>while doing this, then of course with eyes opened again :))  I associate
>this with right brain hemisphere.
>2.) Looking at the harmonic structure while thinking very conciously of
>what scales or patterns I can play over it. I associate this with left
>brain hemisphere.
>1.) sounds better, is lively and 'real', I could watch TV or read
>newspaper meanwhile. 2.) sounds more mechanically but helps you to
>evolve your variability. My aim is to narrow the gap between both
>worlds. To let the flow come out of my heart but still be able to get a
>few left-brain ideas into the sound. But it is not easy to switch
>between, let alone to combine these 'modes'.
>>         The closest I've
>>         come recently is sparring in the martial arts.  When I spar best
>>         I've tagged my partner before I realize what I'm going to do.  That
>>         to me indicates activity below the level of conscious thought.
>IMHO it is comparable in the aspect of realizing the power and speed of
>this 'mode'. The right brain works as a whole, thus fast and impulsive,
>the left analytical, thus evolved but slow and only one-at-a-time. 
>SeDi *hoping my english to be understandable, no native speaker*

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