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Thinking without language?

patrik bagge patrik-b at online.no
Wed Nov 24 06:12:52 EST 1999

dag.stenberg at helsinki.nospam.fi skrev i meddelandet
<81gf0e$fhe$1 at oravannahka.helsinki.fi>...
>In bionet.neuroscience patrik bagge <patrik-b at online.no> wrote:
>(actually, I do not know if patrik wrote in bionet.neuroscience, but my
>computer says so)
>> kenneth Collins skrev i meddelandet <383BA800.47455D82 at earthlink.net>...
>> >it's just that there's so much that remains to be communicated, and my
>> >resources are so small. i can't keep saying the same stuff over and over
>> >again... gotta move-on.
>> >it's a sorrow that so few receive the whole. but what's open to me is
>> what's
>> >open to me. what's not is what's not.
>> ok, allow me to give you a little 'advice'
>> if you want acceptance, do some marketing, it's the
>> oldest trick in the book, maybe engineer a site, if
>> you already haven't, with easy going language and
>> detailed theoretical information.
>> use 'normal' channels, academic and other
>> to market your beliefs.
>> it's no fun knowing things alone.
>I am not sure that Ken has access to a site, I mean the possibility to
>put AoK (Automation of knowledge) and maybe some discussion on a
>web-reachable hard disk. I think that AoK is often easier to comprehend
>than Ken's remarks here in the newsgroup.

Hi Dag.

yes Mr kenneth here is a complicated man and that's
the way i like it. One has to admire and be a little curious
of an individual and his beliefs, if he is 'ready to die for them'
i'm still in the 'trying to understand' phase ...
Kens 'tapered harmony' seems to adress it all

Anyway, doesn't most email accounts nowadays come with
20 megs or so, space, to do a personal website?
Otherwise, i would be happy to provide such space.
And, i suspect, more established AI workers here might too
be willing. It's only to ask.


PS, has winter reached helsinki yet?
time to wax those old ski's..

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