science = determinism?

Frank Buckler fb at
Wed Nov 24 06:42:48 EST 1999

Will Dwinnell <predictor at> schrieb in im Newsbeitrag:
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> Frank Buckler wrote:
> "All science have to make the asumtion thats its object is
> deterministic. If e.g. psychology does not, it leave the scientific path
> and enters religion."
> Science is the study of reality.  If reality is found to contain some
> random component, then shouldn't the above assumption be labeled dogma
> and the insistence on that assumption be 'religious'?

Science tries to explain reality. The word "explain" contain the assumtion
that there are some kind of determinism. The expierence of random, das not
mean that there is no determinism. It only says that we can not explain it
(till now).

Frank Buckler

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