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Thinking without language?

Larisa Migachyov lvm at leland.Stanford.EDU
Wed Nov 24 10:45:17 EST 1999

Sebastian Diel wrote:

>  >         When improvising, do you ever surprise yourself?  
>  Absolutely. How should I know what I feel before I hear what I play? ;)
>  I can distinguish two modes in my improvising: 
>  1.) Closing my eyes letting it flow (I can actually read the newspaper
>  while doing this, then of course with eyes opened again :))  I associate
>  this with right brain hemisphere.
>  2.) Looking at the harmonic structure while thinking very conciously of
>  what scales or patterns I can play over it. I associate this with left
>  brain hemisphere.
>  1.) sounds better, is lively and 'real', I could watch TV or read
>  newspaper meanwhile. 2.) sounds more mechanically but helps you to
>  evolve your variability. My aim is to narrow the gap between both
>  worlds. To let the flow come out of my heart but still be able to get a
>  few left-brain ideas into the sound. But it is not easy to switch
>  between, let alone to combine these 'modes'.

Yeah, I also read newspapers or books while improvising.  But I seem to
combine your two modes somehow - part of the process is very right-brain
spontaneous, but part of it is quite analytical and controlled. 

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