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Thinking without language?

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 24 21:44:12 EST 1999

hi, Patrik.

patrik bagge wrote:

> kenneth Collins skrev i meddelandet <383BA800.47455D82 at earthlink.net>...
> >it's just that there's so much that remains to be communicated, and my
> >resources are so small. i can't keep saying the same stuff over and over
> >again... gotta move-on.
> >it's a sorrow that so few receive the whole. but what's open to me is
> what's
> >open to me. what's not is what's not.
> ok, allow me to give you a little 'advice'
> if you want acceptance, do some marketing, it's the
> oldest trick in the book, maybe engineer a site, if
> you already haven't, with easy going language and
> detailed theoretical information.
> use 'normal' channels, academic and other
> to market your beliefs.
> it's no fun knowing things alone.

i've done all the 'normal' stuff ad nauseum. i've not donea web site be-cause
it's in my experience that anything i do
online is maliciously 'hacked', so i don't want to 'participate'
in my work, and its presentation, being so-'controlled'.

> of course there is a possibility that you are 'wrong'

in the main, nope. i don't 'mess-around' with Verification.

in small 'details', such as 'symbol'-usage, etc., it's as you say, for-sure.
i don't get 'caught-up' in 'trivial' stuff, because all of the work i've done
is at Foundation 'levels'.

> , but that seems to be what science is all about,
> seeking , accepted by others, 'truth'.
> receiving a lot of heat in the process.

i see Science as 'just' the drawing of one's self up to Truth. anything
beyond that is other-than-Science.

of course, Communication of stuff that can enhance the General Good is
Ethically-Obligatory. i've endeavored to accomplish such, with respect to the
work i've done, but have found that there are some, lacking Ethic, who ab-use
what i communicate, and that shifts Ethical-Obligation with respect to such
to me. such gets-my-attention-big-'time'. [because of what's transpired, i
'own' stuff that folks 'think' they 'own'. folks know this, and there's a
huge-Ugliness in the mix that folks've, thus far, responded to with
'covering-up' behavior, that, in this matter, constitutes Murder on a massive
scale. a couple of decades ago, when i saw what was going to happen, i worked
=really-hard= to circumvent the Ethical Tragedy inherent, but to no avail.]

as for 'marketing', i'm not 'for-sale', and neither is the work i've done. i
just wish there was a way in which i could earn a living by doing the work.

> The next little trick is to 'make' others do the
> marketing and fighting for you, in this scenario
> you become the idle bystander, watching all
> the fuzz from 'above', enjoying your cappucino.

the understanding must be Published in 'normal' ways, preferably, in a
'standard'-form text book, so that it can be made-available to everyone,
without Prejudice.

folks who see only 'profits' have actively 'endeavored'-against this
outcome... they've chosen to 'moved away from' Truth, and all the Benefit
in-it with respect to those who Suffer-Greatly.

this's the worse-possible 'outcome'.

K. P. Collins (ken)

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