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Thinking without language?

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 24 22:10:25 EST 1999

kenneth Collins wrote:


> it's it's the energy-flow that is wdb2t that does everything that the DNA, supposedly, does.
> without wdb2t, the DNA is inert.

I read a little article, today (Wed., 24Nov99, 18:56 EST) in the 20Nov99 issue of _Science News_,
"Power lines rewire avian hormone", by J. Raloff, p329.

the article reports on work done by K. J. Fernie of McGill U., Quebec City, Canada. Primary Ref.
Nov., 1999 _Environmental Health Perspectives_.

if the stuff that's reported on is sustained, then my position with respect to 'DNA', briefly
stated above, and discussed repeatedly in former msgs here in bionet.neuroscience and other online
'places', is Verified, experimentally, by a 3rd party.

K. P. Collins

[P. S. since _Science News_ only reports on work published elsewhere, in 'normal' ways, and since
the work i've done hasn't been Published in any 'normal' way, it's OK for me to say, again, that i
find _Science News_ to be an extraordinarily-useful little publication; they do an excellent job of
selecting really-significant stuff, and present it in 'digest' form, so that the reader can keep in
touch with what's going on in Science; they also have some spectacularly-good (talented =&=
insightful) writers who do longer pieces that're, typically, interesting; and i encourage folks to
subscribe. $49.50/year of weekly issues. Science Service, 1719 N Street, N. W. Washington, D. C.
20036. their web site is:


if "you're" new to reading in Science, don't be 'put-off' just understand that it'll take a while
to get up-to-speed. at first, the articles will seem 'beyond' "your" 'interests', but read them
anyway. as "you" do so, things'll become more-and-more 'familiar' (TD E/I-minimization with respect
to Science stuff will happen), and you'll 'understand' the stuff of the articles, increasingly.
_Science News_ is such a good publication for this sort of thing because the articles are,
typically, short and concise (although they sometimes miss significant details, but "you" can look
up the primary refs if "you're" interested.) _Science News_ is a user-friendly way to take-a-peek
into Science. if "you've" Children, say, 10 and above, it's a good way to introduce them to

this is not an 'ad'. i just like to 'encourage' stuff that Works on behalf of folks. ken]

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