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Thinking without language?

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 24 23:50:39 EST 1999

Lee Sau Dan 李守敦 wrote:

> >>>>> "Larisa" == Larisa Migachyov <lvm at leland.Stanford.EDU> writes:
>     Larisa> Well, I don't think that the notes enter into that; by
>     Larisa> then, the notes and finger motions become close to
>     Larisa> automatic.  There are some verbal thoughts of the "Oh no!
>     Larisa> I can't believe I missed that note!" variety - but in
>     Larisa> order to play well, one has to feel the emotion that one
>     Larisa> is playing, and let the music flow through one's mind.  I
>     Larisa> can't explain the kind of thinking involved - but it is
>     Larisa> definitely thinking, and definitely wordless.  (and not on
>     Larisa> the note level).
> I do have the "Oh no!   I missed that note!"  thought when playing the
> piano, but that thought comes  in a completely NON-VERBAL way.  Again,
> that though  flashings in my  mind in a language-independent  way, and
> there is too little  time for me to put the thought  into words of any
> language I'm fluent in.

yes, Dr. Lee. as is discussed in AoK, Ap5 (in the section that discusses 'dynamic
subordinate coupling), what's happening is sensory/motor-template 'mismatch-detection,
via TD E/I-minimization. it's a higher-'level', but exactly-the-same, form of the
'startle response'.

> I don't know why you MUST  tie each thought with some words.  Yes, you
> need the words  to describe it to us, but that  doesn't means that you
> MUST use those words when you  think about it.  Have you ever had some
> "strange"  feelings that  you  find it  hard  to describe  it to  your
> friends verbally?   Have you ever  had some bright theories  which you
> find it hard to explain to your friends verbally (but pretty easy when
> you use diagrams)?


Cheers, Dr. Lee, ken

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