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science = determinism? (Schrodinger: algorithm or phenomena?)

Don Tveter drt at christianliving.net
Fri Nov 26 15:52:25 EST 1999

Tim Bradshaw wrote:
> * Clayton Weaver wrote:
> > Is this not merely curve-fitting, an approximation of a chaotic transform
> > where we do not know what parameters of the quantum environment may in
> > fact determine the behavior that the Shrodinger equation gives us
> > probabilities for? Is it really valid to attribute to the phenomena itself
> > a non-deterministic attribute of the mathematics we have applied to it?
> You can look at the nature of any possible parameters which determine
> the result -- these are usually called `hidden variables' -- and one
> of the outcomes is that these things must be non-local.  So if these
> hidden variables could ever be detected then they would be
> causality-violating, if you believe special relativity.  This is
> usually taken to rule out such hidden variables.

There is fine print developing in the hidden variables quest.  If you
check Huw Price's book, Time's Arrow and Archimedes' Point he argues
that if you view time properly, (you have to think of the whole
universe from beginning to end in time as something that exists as a
finished product you can get outside of) then the hidden variables are
just hidden in the future.  He argues Einstein was right, that God does
not play dice.  I hate to try and explain it too much, I'll only goof
it up so look for the book, its farily easy reading as these things go.
Plus I think Bohm's interpretation allows for something similar.


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