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kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 27 02:17:56 EST 1999

there was an article in the Friday, 26Nov99 issue of the _New York Times_,
"Radiation Ripples From Big Bang Illuminate Geometry of Universe", reported
by J. Glanz, p1.

the article provides a URL:


but, apparently, that's not an actual web site.

quoting from the article: [...] Dr. Dodelson said, 'the inescapable
conclusion is that there is some unknown form of energy contributing to the
total density.'" [...] "The most likely candidate for that exotic energy,
Dr. Hogan and Dr. Dodelson said, is what has come to be known as the
cosmological constant, an energy with repulsive gravity that may fill
apparently empty space. Einstein first proposed the concept, thinking that
he needed it to keep the universe from collapsing [...]"

this's not it. there is no 'exotic energy'. all that's happening, as i've
explained in the past, is wdb2t. it's just that, as i've explained in the
past, no such thing as 'attractive gravity' exists. stuff 'just' goes with
the flow of energy that is wdb2t.

quoting from the article: "The ripples [in the so-called 'cosmic background
radiation'] occur because of principles of quantum mechanics, which impost a
kind of small-scale fuzziness on all particles. The ripples in the microwave
background are thought to be the legacy of that early quantum fuzziness."

this is totally-incorrect. i've discussed all that's necessary, in the past,
in this and other online 'places', and will discuss more, in-person, if
anyone's interested. (i'd do it here, but i've gotten myself falling-down
tired, again, and that leaves me without the will to do yet another thing
that'll 'just' be 'borrowed'... sorry - perhaps after i catch-up on my sleep
(which the 'thing' demands)).

the main focus of the stuff reported by Glanz is with respect to the
relative 'flatness' of the Universe. the folks whose work was being reported
hold that the data shows that there's just precisely the right quantity of
'matter' in the Universe to assure a 'flat' Universe.

but that's not it. the Universe has the appearance of being 'flat' be-cause
the existence of 'matter' (energy 'trapped' in SSW<->UES harmonics) is
determined in accord with wdb2t. so the Universe always appears 'flat'
be-cause what's actually being looked-at is the universal 'balance' among
all SSWs and the UES, which is actually imbalanced in favor of the UES, with
nonlinearly-increasing transformation of SSWs into pure UES, which is what
the one-way flow of energy from order to disorder that is what's described
by 2nd Thermo (wdb2t) is, and is why the Universe has the appearance of
'expanding' at an accelerating rate.

there was an article in the Friday, 26Nov99 issue of the _Boston Globe_,
"Rat study opens door on origin of habits", reported by P. Recer, pA27.

there's the appearance of a correlation to 'habit', but 'habit' isn't it.

this article discusses the stuff of the basal ganglia's
"intermediate-'level' supersystem configuration dynamics" that are discussed
in AoK, Ap5, except AoK's discussion of the same stuff is much-mor thorough,
including it's complete integration with the rest of the nervous system.

it's 'frustrating' that AoK will not be Published, even as stuff that's
groping around in the dark is Published. (the same is True of Tapered
Harmony, but i've written no introductory-level paper for TH... have just
discussed it online.)

K. P. Collins

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