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Thinking without language?

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 27 02:48:09 EST 1999

hi Patrik,

Patrik Bagge wrote:

> Hi Ken
> i have read your text, the humans might need some
> redefining, but i'm not going to speculate on that.
> i'm a fan of the behavioral sciences, which neuro is merely
> beginning to adress, the others don't adress it at all.
> This science explains at the highest level, from a human perspective
> our emitted functionality/behaviour.
> Nobody escapes this in everyday human-human reallife interraction.
> We all have desires, looking for a solution.
> There are obvious, common patterns of stimulation->response
> which this science adresses.
> Humans that have taken a few steps in the walk of life, combined with
> intellect usually have this science 'built in' to a degree.
> Honesty/ethic/moral is subjective and that comes from deep within.
> To be able to conduct the walk of life without too much fuzz one
> has to temporarily on occasion, put aside one's deeper beleives.
> A human claiming to behave otherwise, is usually a lier.
> What i'm getting at here is that everything & everybody is at sale
> , it's about specifying the desire and 'bying' the solution
> In order not to create any storm here, i will balance things by
> saying that notions like lasting joy or love and notions of that nature
> isn't usually for sale. But even this is a borderline,
> power/money is sexy, this is nothing new under the sun.
> So the keyword might be 'lasting'
> A man of your caliber (without me actually knowing)
> should be aware of all this and without inflicting any lasting
> scratches to your ethic/moral, find paths to obtaining your goals.
> Yours
> /pat

i understand. others don't, and because they don't Responsibility falls to

i'd like to be able to 'afford' a home of my own, but "can't". i'd like to
be able to have a family of my own, but "can't". i'm an automobile and
motorcycle enthusiast, and i'd love to be able to 'afford' a decent ride,
but all i've got is basic transortation. etc.

the things that need doing have been left undone, to everyone's misery,
because folks've gotten 'side-tracked' by 'stuff'.

i love 'stuff', but i Love what Humanity is actually all about, more. so i
do the work without getting 'side-tracked'.

folks 'borrow' the work i've done to fund their homes, families, 'toys',
etc., but they get 'side-tracked' and fail to do what needs to be done with
what they 'borrow'.

hopefully, i'll be able to sustain life within myself a while longer, and
i'll do what i can while i can.

but i won't get 'side-tracked'.

cheers, Patrik, ken

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