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Thinking without language?

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 27 04:04:01 EST 1999

hi, Peter. i once had a similar experience in a tavern with a bunch of billiards
tables. there was a fellow who was obviously very-good. since i was just out
taverning, i put my buck on the table, and played when it was my turn to go down
to defeat (i 'shoot pool' only to bang the balls around... "oh, so that's what
the holes are for." :-).

anyway, this night i cleaned the table. couldn't miss a shot.

the guy broke down his fancy pool cue, put it in his case, and left. (which i
felt 'sorry' about, 'cause it was meaningless to me, and i'd been enjoying
watching him play.)

then his girlfriend got friendly toward me, which made me feel even worse.

'in the zone'.

i experience such with my work all the 'time', but this night, it was like what
i do in my head came out in my hands and arms.

it was 'surrealistic'.

cheers, Peter, ken

"Sir Knowitall" wrote:

> Sebastian Diel <sedi at dorf.wh.uni-dortmund.de> wrote in message
> news:383D36CF.69B45FE at dorf.wh.uni-dortmund.de...
> >
> >
> > Larisa Migachyov schrieb:
> > >
> > > Sebastian Diel wrote:
> > >
> > > Yeah, I also read newspapers or books while improvising.  But I seem to
> > > combine your two modes somehow - part of the process is very right-brain
> > > spontaneous, but part of it is quite analytical and controlled.
> >
> > Then you do deserve my deepest admiration, I still have to do a lot of
> > working on it :))
> >
> > SeDi
> I believe Larisa is fooling her self (just a little ;->) when she states
> that she improvises and reads at the same time. What you perceive to be as
> multi-tasking by way of "multi-threading" (a word+meaning borrowed from how
> computers perform their "multi-tasking") her conscious awarness of the two
> modes going on in parallel.
> It is, I maintain, impossible to be equally aware at the same time (really
> focused and vividly conscious of two activities of two "hardware"-absorbing
> activites) of any two distinctly different sensory-motor contents of/at
> either cognitive-level consciousness and/or emotional (or feeling)-level
> consciousness --- or IOW potential focuses of actention at the same "level
> of (neurophysioanatomically correlated) consciousness" get mutually
> exclusive by the organizational function/principle of lateral inhibition (or
> center/surround excitation/inhibition).
> I am a professional violinist. Therefore I also know what it is like (for
> me) to read and play at the same time.
> An interesting aside:
> I have experienced surprising manifestations of non-conscious mind-processes
> that are somewhat similar to the effects reported by people whose corpus
> calossum has been cut, though mine has not -- as far as I know ;-).
> One "kind" of these has on several occassion caused me to behave *as if* I
> had perfect pitch (at my finger tips) and *as if* I was *confident* about
> knowing the pitch even when the situation would normally have made me on
> guard not to loose face.
> Another kind/occassion was when I somehow produce a strangely confident and
> succinct improvised musical statements. Something just "got into me" as I
> said (whilst butting in on someone *really and reliably* talanted, who sat
> at a piano, endulging some women): "This is how I would like an
> improvisation to sound"! This behaviour as if "took me over"; i.e. there was
> no deliberate or conscious preparation of what I said/did and played in this
> intimate and potentially very embarassing social situation (had what I
> played on the piano not "come off").
> What came out and what I did, nearly chocked me but also greatly satisfied
> my own musical taste.
> If we just bother to take note of ourselves "at close quarters" we shall
> find -- first hand -- that we are wonderous and interesting creatures.
> Peter
> http://www.ozemail.com.au/~fellin/main.htm

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