science = determinism?

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Sat Nov 27 15:04:53 EST 1999

Mea culpa (see previous amending post) to the several people who responded.
I'm still less than convinced that 'non-deterministic' and 'random' are
synonymous, since the word to me implies a degree of unpredictability beyond
mere uncertainty - e.g., a truly 'random' event to me is one whose
probability cannot be evaluated.  If this is indeed *not* the accepted
mathematical definition, then so be it (and thank you for so informing me).

- bill

Peter Seebach <seebs at> wrote in message
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> In article <81jmfs$fv2$1 at>, Bill Todd <billtodd at>
> >Am I the only one who believes that 'random' means that the probabilities
> >all possible outcomes are equal?
> No, but that doesn't mean you're right, it just means lots of people don't
> understand "random" very well.
> If you have *NO* other information, you might as well assume that all the
> probabilities are equal.  Often, you have other information.
> -s
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