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Thinking without language?

JF Delannoy jfdelannoy at onlinedirect.com
Sat Nov 27 15:09:47 EST 1999

\"Sir Knowitall\" wrote:

> Sebastian Diel <sedi at dorf.wh.uni-dortmund.de> wrote in message
> news:383D36CF.69B45FE at dorf.wh.uni-dortmund.de...
> >
> >
> > Larisa Migachyov schrieb:
> > >
> > > Sebastian Diel wrote:
> > >
> > > Yeah, I also read newspapers or books while improvising.  But I seem to
> > > combine your two modes somehow - part of the process is very right-brain
> > > spontaneous, but part of it is quite analytical and controlled.
> >
> > Then you do deserve my deepest admiration, I still have to do a lot of
> > working on it :))
> >
> > SeDi
> I believe Larisa is fooling her self (just a little ;->) when she states
> that she improvises and reads at the same time. What you perceive to be as
> multi-tasking by way of "multi-threading" (a word+meaning borrowed from how
> computers perform their "multi-tasking") her conscious awarness of the two
> modes going on in parallel.
> It is, I maintain, impossible to be equally aware at the same time (really
> focused and vividly conscious of two activities of two "hardware"-absorbing
> activites) of any two distinctly different sensory-motor contents of/at
> either cognitive-level consciousness and/or emotional (or feeling)-level
> consciousness --- or IOW potential focuses of actention at the same "level
> of (neurophysioanatomically correlated) consciousness" get mutually
> exclusive by the organizational function/principle of lateral inhibition (or
> center/surround excitation/inhibition).
> I am a professional violinist. Therefore I also know what it is like (for
> me) to read and play at the same time.

Dennett makes a case for multithreading (Consciousness explained).

Only, he takes it to the point of saying that there's no such thing as a focus
of consciousness. He derides the idea of a "Cartesian theater", on grounds that
you can fool consciousness too easily with fast tricks.

But, multithreaded, yes. I'm a pianist, and when reading, there's something
complex going on between reading ahead (anticipating), feeling where the fingers
are going to place themselves, figuring the un

    JF Delannoy, Ph.D.

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