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science = determinism? (Schrodinger: algorithm or phenomena?)

Peter da Silva peter at abbnm.com
Sun Nov 28 11:24:05 EST 1999

In article <ey34se6hh4a.fsf at lostwithiel.tfeb.org>,
Tim Bradshaw  <tfb at tfeb.org> wrote:
> * Peter da Silva wrote:
> >> Sorry, I didn't mean you specifically.  My memory (which is vague, so
> >> don't quote me) is that you may be able to use (uncensored) solutions
> >> with closed timelike curves to do things like generate unbounded
> >> energy or something (which is what I really meant by toxic I think).

> > That's a long way from "any causality violation is inherently toxic", isn't
> > it?

> Well, in a GR sense it's `any uncensored CV is inherently toxic'
> (because I think that generating unbounded energy is toxic -- because
> a CV solution in GR is just one with closed timelike curves.  There's
> never a problem with anything that is censored.

But you didn't say that all uncensored solutions with closed timelike
curves generate unbounded energy, or even that they inevitably do.

It's not like a black hole where you just need to get enough mass together
to create a singularity.

Look, at the quantum level time is just another dimension. Past and future
are an epiphenomenon caused by information loss. I don't see why people need
to shy away from macro-level causality violations any more than they need to
shy away from macro-level "left-rightwards violation".

I think the reason people shy away from CV is the same as the reason Einstein
shied away from QM [1]. It simply makes people uncomfortable, so they find
reasons to rule it out.

And I think science demands that people be honest enough to admit it, that
the kind of CV implied by relativity and FTL is not automatically toxic.

[1] I don't mean to imply that FTL is possible or that causality violation
    is inevitable, just that the iron opposition to the very idea is

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