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Thinking without language?

Patrik Bagge pab at neramd.no
Tue Nov 30 05:07:04 EST 1999

>i 'look-elsewhere' as a matter of course, to try to see anything from as
>many different perspectives as is possible

yes, good strategy indeed, i have found that many 'things' can be
expressed in many various ways, there is seldom a one & only solution.
I often find myself having many 'projects' active at one time instant
, switching between them according to interest,mood,priority.
Strangely there are often patterns that correlate between 'projects'

>the result is always an
>ordering in which relationships between this and that become evermore
>then, when i go back to a 'main' thing, it's =always= the case that more
>of it 'just' falls into place.

yep, wisdom from experience, i assume that your broad 'duality theory'
emerged from recognizing similar 'patterns' behind the scenes at
various abstraction levels & areas.

>this 'looking-elsewhere' technique is highly-functional because wdb2t
>constitutes a 'map' of Truth within physical reality, and when one does
>the work inherent in 'looking-elsewhere', one always creates new
>opportunities for TD E/I-minimization with respect to this or that 'main'
>thing, and, since this TD E/I-minimization activates the biological
>reward mechanisms, there's always Joy in the end :-)

That's important, joy, i couldn't have a day to day work containing
too many items that are boring or contain none element of joy.
Of course there are many working 'just' for the pay, sometimes
'hating' what they do, the reason often being a lack of choice.

I have spend some hours with the material you send me, but there
are some 'high level' motivation issues that i'm still wondering if you
have adressed in the text.
Such as the neurological origins of higher desires, like
curiosity, 'survive&reproduce' etc.
I assume that this is pro-programmed within the DNA.
Furthermore, the variation in human capacities, some are
artists, some technicians 'by nature'. So i boldly hold the DNA
responsible for this variation too...

Best of Regards
Patrik Bagge

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