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Consciousness in terms of neuroscience websites?

c_thomas_wild at my-deja.com c_thomas_wild at my-deja.com
Tue Nov 30 10:44:31 EST 1999

In article <81otof$26j$1 at news8.svr.pol.co.uk>,
  "Lee Wilson" <Lee at prynn.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> Are there any websites that discuss consciousness, neuro-science-
style? I've
> got a humanities background and am trying to catch up on the science
side of
> things, also - NOT with a view to a dissatisfied defection, I might
add -
> and this is one of the topics that interests me. Ideally there would
be a
> minimum of jargon and the site would be well-written by an authority,
> than a dope-addled student (pardon my cynicism). And yes, I know I
could get
> a book, but I'm not so wealthy. Many thanks in advance for any
Consciousness is closely linked to a number of neurological challenges
including TBI/ABI (Traumatic Brain Injury/Acquired Brain Injury),
Epilepsy (petit mal, absence, psychomotor, temporal lobe, complex
partial), and the ADHD-ADD-Hyperactivity syndrome.  In terms of human
relationships and consciousness, a book by Dale Carnegie titled How to
Win Friends and Influence People is good.  In terms of how some
medicines can dramatically effect consciousness, a book titled A
Remarkable Medicine Has Been Overlooked (Dilantin) by Jack Dreyfus is
good too.  C. Thomas Wild
http://homepages.msn.com/RightWay/c_thomas_wild/  There are other good
ADHD resource and homepages also.  Several major encyclopedias are
available today online (some free) which have good articles
on consciousness and related subjects.

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