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Survive & Reproduce

patrik bagge patrik-b at online.no
Tue Nov 30 11:04:02 EST 1999

>> This money thing is a bit 'funny', it's often a hangaround to honest
>> work and intellectual capacity, combined with some little 'marketing'
>ideally, yes. all i've experienced with respect to the same are folks
wanting to
>assure that such could not be for me, so that it could be for them.

A little human behavioral knowledge usually avoids this.

>> At the end of the day, it usually boils down to survive&reproduce.
>naw, that supposition is 'ancient history', which one can see, clearly, if
>studies History.

yes, only 'kamikaze'  & non-sexual behaviour all over the place
, in history i mean, reeeally obvious...

The human intellect can get over this basic 'directive' but it's
hard and it's rare.

> it's been everyone's going 'bananas' over 'survival' that has
>reduced 'humanity' to the level of the "carrot in Hell" way of 'existence'

i might agree with that, but now you are talking about 'truthful' education.
if i'm not entirely wrong, this has come late in human history.
There are still countries with a high percentege that can't even read&write.

>... no
>one can do anything that can make any difference be-cause everyone's afraid
>anyone's doing anything that can make a difference will jeopardize their

statistically this is true, i'm afraid, short-term survive&reproduce comes
before long-term 'survive'. It's when things get personal or the air
hard to breath , we begin to wake up.
it's the oscillation of nature, including humanity.
But again, we posess the intellectual capacity to decrease the amplitude.
if we only would use it ...

>so the condition in which mere-survival becomes the only thing available to
>folks follows, as a matter of course, out of folks' own actions.

which is based on education in school
and society 'values'=education in reallife.

>i've worked as many of this type of problem as i've come across all the way
>through, but i don't do such stuff in ways with which folks're familiar,
>is why i'm begging for an opportunity to get beyond the fundamentals.
>as things stand, i see folks, having already 'borrowed' much of what i've
>shared, wanting me to tell more so that they can 'borrow' that, "two", with
>still more disregard for the folks on whose behalves the work was
>it's 'pretty'-disgusting to experience such... the same old 'song' that's
>ravaged Humanity, playing again, over and over, like some funeral dirge.

well, ken who you really talking to here?
Over the years you have 'borrowed' to form your own intellect, that's
how it works, no?
Do you remember to mention every of them when expressing
'your' ideas ?

don't go public this way, if you wan't to avoid 'borrowing'
, this is the knowledge of a child.


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