Neuropsychologist vs Neurological Counselor...

Rick_D Rick_D5 at
Fri Oct 1 08:59:49 EST 1999

A Neuropsychologist is one who studies the science of behavior (including
all human experience such as thought, motivation, and pathology) as it
relates to physical brain function. In my experience, c.1973 to 1977, The
George Washington University, offered undergraduate and graduate courses in
neuropsychology taught by Dr. Lawrence Rothblatt. To my recollection, there
was no designation "Neuropsychologist" at the time however it is not too
much a stretch to name an individual studying primarily the
neuro-psychological science,  a "neuropsychologist".

Neuropsychology departs from the psychoanalytic and transcendental spiritual
models by viewing human behavior from an interactive physical perspective.

A Neurological Counselor, by my own definition, is one who counsels and
assists with the treatment of others using a neurological perspective of
wellness and pathology. In personal terms, I regularly consult with a PhD
clinical psychologist regarding behavior difficulties predictable and
apparent due to my ADHD and recent history, medication changes and
improvements, and applying short term life strategies based upon long term
life goals. My counselor is familiar with and obviously takes the time to
read further in the current studies pertaining to ADHD. The neurological
basis of this disorder helps him to understand my problems and capabilites
without resorting to explanations provided by the psychoanalytic model, for

Korey, I hope these definitions help you evaluate the difference between a
neuropsychologist and neurological counselor for your purposes.


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