Free High Speed Computers for Brain Research

Arthur T. Murray uj797 at
Fri Oct 1 12:41:27 EST 1999

Troy Kelley, tkelley at, wrote on Fri, 01 Oct 1999:

> Hello,

> Here at the Army Research Laboratory in Aberdeen, Maryland
> we have a unique opportunity for academic researchers to study
> brain interactions and dynamics on our high speed super computers.
> Over the past few years we have spent a large amount of money on
> high speed computers and we now have some of the best computer
> facilities in the world.  The computers are free to academic
> researchers interested in modeling brain behavior and dynamics.

If you fit the bill but you wonder exactly what model to start with, Mind.Forth
is a ready-made brain model implemented as a public-domain AI.

Opportunities abound to build on top of the Mind.Forth design --
which need not be accepted unquestioningly.  Those mind-models
also serve which let you react to them with ideas for improvement
or ideas for an altogether different approach to brain-mind dynamics.
Meanwhile, in the Mentifex class of AI programs including Mind.Forth
and (obsolete) Mind.Rexx the following tasks need attention:

- port Mind.Forth to new programming languages;
- implement a channel of sensory input (vision, olfaction, etc.);
- develop the consciousness;
- develop the will (volition);
- implement the motorium for robotics;
- implement the recycling of memory space;
- improve the human-computer interface (HCI);
- implement graphic display modes of AI at thought;
- create specialized AI knowledge bases;
- work on the mass-par implementation.
> If you are at all interested in this, please contact me.
> All you have to do at this time is express interest, no
> proposals are needed at this time.

> Also, please foward this message to anyone who you feel
> would be interested in using our computer facilities for
> brain modeling and research. 
> Thanks,
> Troy Kelley
> Army Research Laboratory
> 410-278-5859

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