Is Consciousness Discrete?

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> I have been searching for a mechanism of consciousness, but have reached
> a point of philosophical breakdown:  How will we be able to know when we
> have found a mechanism of consciousness?
>   -Doug Klimesh

In the sense you (seem to) mean -- my answer (and apparently yours) to this
question is, never.

I believe it is very important *and very possible* to make use of already
obvious-enough answers to the question of: "When and how do we become
selectively UN- or HYPO-conscious" *primarily* (but with further
consequences) of adversely significant current and/or past situations in/of
our own respective individual lives? (Somewhat generally put).

The answer -- or rather, this state of affairs (of "the human condition")
can be schematized rather simply (and generally). As I have only partly
jokingly done with help of tailor-made composite word and acronyms such as:
We behave according to the competition (involving mutual/"lateral"
inhibition) between mutually incompatible, situationally *phylogenetically*
selected, and/or ongoingly (likewise) selected "Total-life Situationally"
(or at least "potentially selectable") and energised sufficiently to become
our transiently dominant "actention modules" or transiently dominant
"focuses of actention" (i.e. they ways we behave).

I have contrived the following explanation and semantic structure to express
and highlight the above:

The kind of memories that most of us have involuntarily accumulated and that
Janov (for one) has labeled Pain (with a capital P) -- and that I like to
losely and allusively acronym-label something like "Conditioned-in
Unconscious Remembered Stressors [(here) Specifically, "Hibernation"
Imploring Type Situations] Effecting Symptoms -- significantly
*co*-determines how/what we consciously experience/do in/with our lives; And
that they do so -- i.e. co-determine how we "Behave" (by which I *also*
refer to: thinking, feeling, and "behaving viscerally") -- by insidiously
"selectively restrict" the ongoing "actention selecting" interactions
("selecting" as if *from* available "actention modules") between our
"Actention Selection System" (>=~nervous system) and  current (exogenously
impacting) environmental influences.

Re: precisely what I mean by (how I define) "Hibernation", etc. see

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