Zzzzzzzz We have to do it every night but nobody knows why

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Thu Oct 7 10:16:42 EST 1999

the problem is one of integration. to comprehend, one must integrate much more
than 'sleep'.

when we 'sleep', current info is cross-correlated with old info.

it's necessary to 'sleep' to do this because 'memory' is activation-dependent,
and the only way the nervous system can integrate new info with old info is to
construct the underpinning activation.

this is done via a 'special' 'state' of 'consciousness' simply because doing so
is extremely-very-much more-efficient than the alternative... bringing past
experiences, one by one, into 'waking consciousness', and seeing 'what-for re.
the new info.

it's all 'just' an elegant TD E/I-minimization 'strategy' that's engineered
into nervous systems.

why sleep-deprivation deaths?

because the immune system's function is actually bonified 'cognition'. if the
only-happens-during 'sleep consciousness' integration doesn't happen, immune
function goes 'random' (along with everything else that the nervous system
governs, which is everything, period).

integrate, integrate, integrate... leave nothing out.

when the integration's 'finished', all that's left is TD E/I-minimization.

K. P. Collins

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