Zzzzzzzz We have to do it every night but nobody knows why

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Thu Oct 7 15:30:46 EST 1999

there's a straight-forward route to understanding of immune system function as
'cognition' that should be traveled first.

eat 'rotten' food-type -> get 'sick' -> acquired 'aversion' to food-type

-> sleep deprivation -> 'forgetting' and non-discernment -> eat food-type ->
get 'sick'

the thing that discloses the 'cognitive' base is the correalted, and
underpinning, relative randomness of neural activation during "sleep-deprived

wire-up volunteers, analyze the EEG, see the relative randomness.

then, after this first step, explore everything at increased levels of detail,
maintaining correlations to the degree of relative-randomness.

everything correlated is part of the 'cognitive' super-set.

one cannot go at it without this 'lynch-pin' stuff.

cheers, k. p. collins (ken)

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